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Liverpool 2-1 Burnley | The Final Word

Paul, Chris and Ste are in the studio to discuss Liverpool's 2-1 win over Burnley in the Premier League! The Reds didn't play particularly well against the Lancashire side, but 3 points is all that matters at this stage of the season!

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Quality discussion, Thanks - heres the run-in for top 6 head-to-head. Can add that both Manchester clubs havent played each other cause the game got postponed so after this city game there are a lot of points getting dropped between our top rivals and along with United playing EL they might even focus on that so the main rival is probably Arsenal but as u mentioned the way its going for them it might just be enough.. City aren't doing that great either and are still in CL - spurs as u mentioned just lost Kane for the moment so it actually looks very optimistic. Rumours are that after this city game that the team will go on another trip down south to train - hopefully this time getting a better gameplan for the lower teams :)

I Honestly dont think Origi had that bad of a game considering the match it self, I think his hold up play wasnt its best but he did create a bit of a spark running at the defenders and pressing. He basically got two assits as he put the ball in the box for Gini's goal and sets up Can. I agree he should be playing better but i thought he wasnt as bad as some are making out