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The lads are in the studio after another well fought victory, this time against Tony Pulis’ West Brom side!

West Brom 0-1 Liverpool: The Final Word

  • Another gnarly win!
  • Couldn’t complete a bloody pass in the first 5 mins!
  • Origi was badly isolated.
  • Hal Robson-Kanu should put them 1 up.
  • West Brom fans don’t understand the backpass rule.
  • Drum wankers.
  • Simon Mignolet had another match winning performance.
  • Firmino scores. Everyone thought we’d fucked the freekick up. Haha!
  • The Midfield was immense.
  • Once again, much better 2nd half.
  • Firmino was properly fired up.
  • Set up disallowed goal.
  • Milner miss.
  • Felt like the 2nd was coming.
  • Origi header disallowed.
  • Maddest last five minutes ever...
  • West Brom sent Ben Foster up. Why?
  • Alberto Moreno. Poor Albie...
  • Firmino’s last minute Cruyff turn = Heart Attack.
  • Man United kept the pressure on. Probably for the best.

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There are better keepers for 20 mil than Kasper. Samir Handonovic. 32 years of age and could get him for 20 mil. He has a save percentage of 84.9 which is the best is Serie A. He would be a massive improvement on Simon. PLus, I think buying an experienced player like Handonovic to have karius learn off would be great.

Lucas will be very useful for continental football next season, especially in the last 20-30 mins of a game. Moreover, he's a senior and considering the squad is very young, we need someone like him to act as a bridge.

Keep him!

Definitely keep Emre, especially now that he's learnt' to piss outside - you don't get that on BT Sports! :)

SamVanNoy: There's no way to know whether he'd be a "massive improvement" on a player like Simon who is on the ascendency. Furthermore, Italian footy just isn't the same / keepers don't deal the same nuances or bouts of pressure. As for the senior goalkeeper for Karius to learn from..... that's precisely why Klopp bought Manninger.