Blog » 4th place playoff?


As if the race for top four wasnít already nail biting, gut wrenching and generally health destroying enough, Liverpool could be faced with having a PLAY-OFF game to get into the Champions League! 

Yes, you read that right.

If the Reds lose 2-0 at home to Middlesbrough and Arsenal draw 1-1 against Everton on Sunday, the two sides would have to play each other in a one-off game to decide who finishes fourth. 

 This is because, incredibly, the two teams would have the same goal difference (+33), number of points (73) and amount of goals scored (75). Unfortunately, head-to-head results are not taken into account, as Liverpool have already beaten Arsenal twice in 2016/17: the 4-3 win at the Emirates on the opening day of the season, and the 3-1 victory at Anfield in March. 

Villa Park has been rumoured as a potential venue for this unlikely play-off.

But as the fume of losing 2-0 at home to an already relegated Middlesbrough side would be too much to fathom, letís think positive and smash them on Sunday to avoid such an inconceivable outcome.