WEEK 43: Manager Speculation and Social Media Misery


On the eve of Brendan Rodgers' appointment as Liverpool manager The Redmen TV look at all of the speculated candidates, as well as analysing a thoroughly miserable couple of weeks of intense second guessing, conjecture and ITK's gone wild...

  • Trusting FSG to do their job right
  • Seducing Pep Guardiola- getting "Agent Pizzuti" on the case
  • Going to Germany to get "the Klopp"
  • Why are so many Liverpool fans so angry?
  • Louis van Gaal: Director of Football?
  • Why Martinez was NOT the right man for the job
  • How this is all Rafa Benitez's Fault (according to some)
  • Why Rodgers is better than Martinez
  • Why Liverpool are going to have to do it the hard way
  • Liverpool's transfer targets, like shopping in St.John's market...

and much, much more!

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