Week 11 (PART ONE): Never Google Young Boys...


In part 1 of this week's 2 hour Subscriber Show, the lads look at...

  • Sunderland 1-1 Liverpool: The Final Word
  • Should Borini Stay Central?
  • Is Suarez Wasted Out Wide?
  • Hitting the Woodwork. Same old story, or just bad luck?
  • Glen Johnson is NOT Sh*t at Defending.
  • Stevie G, back to form, or just finding his feet?
  • TOPIC: The Media Curse, Brendan Rodgers v AVB
  • Gary Glitter's Favourite Team?
  • Time for the kids to shine?
  • Bigger Fish to Fry. Keeping one eye on United
  • The Fabulous Degen Brothers
  • "Fastracking Samed Yesil". A Bold move by Rodgers?
  • Can Suso solve the right wing issue?
  • Aubrey's Lineup Prediction
  • Score Predictions
  • TOPIC: Worst Case Scenario
  • How Bad Could Things Get?

And much more!

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