Week 11 (PART TWO): United At Anfield and Where Next For Justice?


In part 2 of this week's 2 hour Subscriber Show...

  • The Form Book Out The Window. And Other Such Cliches
  • Do Liverpool lack "Game-Changers"?
  • The Banter/Offensive Line
  • Why Rape and Death are NOT "Banter" Chants...
  • Everton's Tribute to the 96. Moving and Well Thought Out...
  • Protection From Lazy Journos: Why Suarez MUST Shake Evra's Hand (Even if he is a twa*t)
  • The First Post-Hillsborough Files Home Game.
  • Why It's The Perfect Time to End Hillsborough AND Munich Chanting
  • Ignoring the Idiot Minority.
  • Lineup Predictions
  • Score Predictions
  • DISCUSSION: The Hillsborough Truth One Week On...
  • 23 Years of Liverpool vs The World
  • The Post-Match Slurs and How They Affected Public Perception
  • Brian Clough. Tit.
  • "Drunken, Ticketless Louts" and 12pm Kickoffs
  • A Fans View from the fateful day... 15th April 1989
  • Why the Boris Johnson's of this world can F**k off.
  • Liverpool's "Victim Culture"
  • The day a Tory Prime Minister made us cry, for the RIGHT reasons
  • Countrywide Understanding. Why the rest of Britain finally gets what we've been saying!
  • The "Whinging Scousers" were right!
  • The Depth of the Truth: More Shocking than we ever imagined
  • The Biggest Cover up in British History?
  • LFC TV's Coverage. World Class and Selfless. Brilliant.
  • A Change in the Tide of Public Opinion.
  • Why after twice being sent into an unsafe Stadium, we DON'T accept the FA's apology... DISCUSSION: Where Next For Justice?
  • Is The Truth Enough?
  • Truth v Justice v Vengeance. How Far Should This Go?
  • The Push For Fresh Inquests
  • Making People Accountable. Why 23 Years is No Different to 23 Days...
  • Supporting the Families
  • Why Modern Standards in Football have helped put 80's Standards in Stark Contrast
  • Rooting Out Corruption to Make a Safer Future
  • The Missing Safety Certificate. Who Takes The Blame?
  • Kelvin's Comeuppance. Why The Walls are Closing in on the Lying Toe rag...
  • Never Forgive, Never Forget? What next for The Sun?
  • Could the country's sh*ttest paper actually help the fight for justice?

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