Week 12 (PART ONE): Fergie's Right... Their Fans ARE Sh*te


On part one of this week's subscriber show, Paul, Mike and Ste are joined by TV legend James Sutton to discuss...

  • The Shelvey Red Card. No Foul, Two Yellows or Spot on?
  • Why Jonjo Shelvey's "Apology" was boss.
  • The Emergence of Suso. The New Luis Garcia?
  • Suso 100% Passing Acc, but Scholes is the Pass Master.
  • Have We Finally Seen Enough of Pacheco?
  • Stevie Gerrard. Has The Rodger's Way Finally Clicked?
  • Flicking your head back when diving. The New JFK "Grassy Knoll"
  • "He Said She Said Bullsh*t" Why School Yard Excuses cannot Justify Munich/Hillsborough Chants
  • Fergie is Right.... Their Fans are Sh*te
  • Where do you draw the line on offensive chants?
  • Should Offenders Be Banned For Life?
  • The Standing at the Match Issue. Why Anfield Stewards Cracked Down
  • Five Games Played, Two Points Won. Crisis?
  • Why Losing to Arsenal, United and WBA is Fine In Isolation.
  • Why Anyone Who Expected a Title Challenge Needs a Word With Themselves...
  • Chances Created. Top 5 Build Up, Bottom 3 Finishing?
  • West Brom v Liverpool: Predicting a Game that will of happened by the time you watch this...

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