Week 12 (PART TWO): The Season REALLY Starts.... NOW!


On part 2 of this week's 2 hour Subscriber Show, with James Sutton...

  • TOPIC: Fresh Injury Crisis
  • Can the Reds cope without Kelly, Agger and Borini?
  • Martin Kelly out til 2013. Big Blow Considering Recent Form.
  • Sweep The Leg!!! Yet More Sense From Gary Neville
  • VIDEO: Our Failed GNev Protest
  • Why Borini Is Struggling to Win the Fans Over.
  • What Qualities Does The Young Italian Bring?
  • Brightside! Assaidi and Suso on the bench, better than 4 Centre Halves...
  • Spreading Out the Goals
  • Why A Genuine Goal Scorer Hides a Multitude of Sins
  • Norwich City v Liverpool: Match Preview
  • The Season REALLY starts... Err...... NOW!
  • An enviable 17th in the League
  • Why The Table Lies for Both Sides
  • Is Jose Enrique Better at Fifa than Football?
  • The Emergence of Andre Wisdom
  • Getting Better All The Time. Are We Finally "Getting" Set Pieces?
  • Lineup Prediction. Who Comes in For Shelvey, Kelly, Agger and Borini?
  • Is Jordan Henderson Playing His Way Back into Form and Contention?
  • Shock and Awe. Is Hendo to deferential to Gerrard?
  • Where Does He Fit The Rodger's Mould?
  • Say His Name Three Times... Joe Cole is Back...
  • He's Not Sh*te, But He's Okay. Can Cole Provide Extra Depth?
  • Score Predictions
  • Do We need to win ugly? Carlos Tevez's neck ugly?
  • TOPIC: Being: Liverpool- Episode One Review
  • Were the Fans' Fears Justified?
  • Turning the PR Wreck of the Past 4 Years Around
  • Brendan's "Hands On" Approach...
  • The Rodger's Household. Sweet Jesus, that's a nice gaff!
  • The Infamous Portait, that's some Scarface Sh*t.
  • Stevie G, devoted Dad.
  • Lucas, Suarez and Coates: Monopoly Kings!
  • Why It's Great to See The Players in Their Real Lives...
  • Rodger's "Father figure" approach
  • Why Dave Kirby is Boss
  • Why the Storrsdale?
  • Clive Owen, Strong Choice for Narrator
  • The Cinematography and Camerawork
  • Carra. Yoga Master... Well...
  • The Footballer Censorship Issue
  • Handling the "Dalglish Situation"
  • Bobby Valentine. Best Name Ever?

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