Week 13 (PART ONE): A First League Win and Liar Leon's Big Elbow Drops


On Part ONE of this week's 2 hour subscriber show...

  • A first league win, so why are we still cautous?
  • Luis Suarez from wasteful to natural goalscorer in 90 minutes
  • The Importance of Important Goals
  • Norwich Chances: Liverpool Get Lucky at Last
  • Sterling/Suso/Suarez/Sahin. Wow.
  • Pepe Reina and The Mysterious Orange Kit
  • Deadly Nightshade: The Obvious Clash between Red and Yellow...
  • Chances Made/Chances Converted. Why we Played BETTER v Sunderland yet only drew
  • Why conceding twice may be no bad thing...
  • Stevie G's 21 Pass goal. Are you watching Barcelona?
  • Can Gerrard be our Xavi?
  • Reports of Dani Pacheco's Demise May Have Been Exaggerated
  • Why anyone saying "Borini's a Flop" needs to f**k right off now...
  • A Quiet Game for Sterling yet still brilliant.
  • Just 17. Why Better Performances from Senior Players are Finally Contextualising Raheem...
  • Why the little winger needs a goal
  • Are Stewart Downing's Liverpool Days Numbered?
  • Will Henderson Fall into the Adam Trap?
  • The Difficult Progression from Wonderkid to World Class...
  • Refereeing Bias, and the Barnett/Suarez Elbow Drop...
  • Why Using "Suarez's Reputation" is Just Lazy Punditry
  • Should there be retroactive bans for liars?
  • "Liverpool Are a Team of Divers" Yet More Wonderful Daily Mail Journalism...
  • The Difference Between Diving and Accentuation
  • Should Brendan Stick by the Kids?
  • Are Udinese better than West Brom?
  • Should the Senior Players be "Plan B"?
  • Lineup Predictions
  • Score Predictions

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