Week 14 (PART ONE): Still No Home Win and Tony Pulis is a Better Bell.


On part one of this week's 2 hour subscriber show, Paul and Chris are joined by Darren Farley to discuss...

  • Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City: The Final Word
  • Still No Home League Win
  • Was Sahin too Lightweight for this type of game?
  • Missing Jonjo Shelvey
  • Stoke's "Attacking" 20 Minutes
  • The Continued Lack of a Genuine Centre Forward
  • Why it's clearly too soon for Yesil and Sinclair
  • The Weekly Praising of Raheem Sterling
  • Joe Cole. Impact Sub? Not so much...
  • Did Rodgers get the substitutions wrong?
  • Pepe Reina and the short goal kicks
  • Has Pepe's Mentality Changed? Can He Change it Back?
  • Jones, Gulacsi, and The Lack of Pressure on Reina's Position.
  • Why buying a new 'keeper is a problem we can't afford to have.
  • TOPIC: The Suarez Diving Issue
  • Why Luis Needs to stay on his frigging feet.
  • Paul's "Perfect" Recreation of the Dive in question.
  • Back to the "Diving v Accentuation" Debate.
  • Why Tony Pulis is a f**king hypocrite
  • The Huth Stamp.
  • Why A Slight lack of Home Patience is to be Expected

And much more...

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