Week 15 (PART ONE): "Can't We All Just Get Along?"

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On Part 1 of this week's 2 hour subscriber show, Paul and Chris are joined by ESPN writer Kristian Walsh and Live4Liverpool.com's editor Jimmy Areabi to discuss...

  • TOPIC: "New" Anfield Plan Revealed
  • No more white dog sh*t around the ground?
  • Making Anfield a Genuine Destination
  • Is 60,000 Capacity Big Enough?
  • The Atmosphere Gamble, if we can't sell out, will we lose our advantage?
  • Entrenched Fans. Is It Time For a Clean Sweep With The Seating Plan?
  • Does A Bigger Main Stand Mean More Moaners?
  • Once Bitten. Why we shouldn't be counting our stadium chickens just yet.
  • TOPIC: Chang v Jenkins. Twitter Storm in a Tea Cup?
  • Fan Fundamentalism. Why Some People Love A Conspiracy Theory.
  • Why The Saga is Just Like "Hook" Starring Robin Williams...
  • Shouting At Walls. The Increasingly Militant Splits in LFC Fan Opinions...
  • The Anfield Wrap Backlash, and why it's f**king ridiculous...
  • Why Bloggers are Not Journalists. Rules v Personal Integrity
  • Two Sides to A Story. Why Proper Journos Get their Facts Straight...
  • TOPIC: The Lucas Leiva Interview
  • Why It's Refreshing to See Such Openness in a Curremt Player
  • Lucas, Future LFC Captain?
  • Time To Shine, Why Lucas is a Great Role Model for the New Kids...
  • The Future of Liverpool's Midfield
  • Thank God for Tony Pulis

And much more!

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