Week 15 (PART TWO) "Must Win Games, and Dodgy Lacoste T-Shirts"


On Part 2 of this week's two hour subscriber show, the lads along with guests Jimmy Areabi (Editor Live4Liverpool.com) and Kristian Walsh (ESPN, The Anfield Wrap) discuss...

  • TOPIC: Borini Ruled Out for 3 Months
  • Time for More Kids, Or Can The Grownups Do a Job?
  • Getting More From Steven Gerrard
  • Borini, the Next Inzaghi?.. The Good Inzaghi, not the Sh*t one...
  • Time For Assaidi To Start?
  • SPOILER ALERT! Rodger's Attacking Vision...
  • A Case To Be Made For Samed Yesil.
  • MATCH PREVIEW: Liverpool v Reading
  • Paul's 3 Envelopes
  • Reading At Home. The First, Genuine Must-Win Of The Season?
  • The "No Easy Games" Cliché...
  • Two Home Wins in 2012... If We Can't Beat Reading, Then Who?
  • Added Pressure. Reading and McDermott Need a Win Too.
  • Dangerman: Pavel Pogrebnyak
  • Blast From The Past: Ian Harte
  • Anfield Edginess. Why We Need To Overcome the Nerves
  • Lineup Predictions
  • TOPIC: Being Liverpool Episode 4 Review
  • Kristian's T-Shirt: Why People on Twitter Can be So Cruel...
  • Why The "Documentary" can't Be TOO In Depth...
  • The 3 Envelopes. Are There 3 Names, or Is It A Great Motivational Trick.
  • Who Might The 3 Be?
  • Peering Behind The Curtain…Why It's Nice To See The Manager At Work
  • Stevie G: More Than A Leader By Example
  • Being: Liverpool- Helping to Sell the "Rodger's Regime" To The Fans?
  • An Honest Insight Into Pepe's Mindset?
  • The Importance of "Marginal Gains"

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