Week 16 (PART ONE): "Home League Wins Are Boss"


On part one of this week's 2 hour subscriber show, Paul, Chris and Mike are joined by Well Red Magazine's editor in chief Gareth Roberts to discuss...

  • Liverpool 1-0 Reading: The Final Word
  • A Wonderful 1-niller
  • Don't Look Back into the Sun: The "Failure" to Kick it Long in the 1st Half
  • Brad Jones has 90's Head and Shoulders Hair
  • The LFC Meritocracy: Should Jones Keep His Place?
  • Why Is John Achterberg our 'Keeper coach?
  • Jose "Dossena" Enrique: Left Winger-Extraordinaire!
  • Is Enrique fighting for his LFC life?
  • Paul's "World's Patented Slowest Step Over" Explained
  • The Need for Results. Why Faith and Patience will only carry us so far.
  • Was Rodgers Right to Shut up Shop?
  • Glen Johnson is Boss. End of...
  • Liverpool Kids' Twitter Banter, Lad.
  • Plan B? Do We Even Have The Right Players for Plan A?!
  • Liverpool v Anzhi: Europa League Preview
  • Are Anzhi The Genuine Danger Team in Our Group?
  • The Selection Dilemma, Who To Rest?
  • Does Rodgers Give a S*** About The Europa League?
  • (Another) Chance for Cole and Downing?
  • The Europa Final- Just An Excuse for a Piss up in Amsterdam.
  • The Benefits of European Experience
  • Yesil. Too Much Too Soon?
  • Why You Can't Judge too Much on Youth Level Goals
  • Brendan Rodger's Huge Bollocks.
  • Lineup Predictions And more...

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