Week 17 (PART ONE): "Daylight Robbery"


On part one of this week's 2 hour subscriber show the lads look back at the 219th Merseyside Derby from both sides with the help of token Bluenose Craig...

  • The Final Word on the Derby...
  • Daylight robbery! Did Liverpool deserve all 3 points?
  • Why it was all Chris' Fault.
  • How good was Mirallas?
  • Bold changes by Rodgers but were they too late?
  • Do Everton REALLY play Like Stoke?
  • The Suarez Dive Celebration. 2nd Best Derby Celebration of All Time?
  • How NOT to boo someone...
  • Why Suarez Is The Player Everyone Else Loves to Hate
  • The Everton Goals...
  • A Gift From Brad Jones
  • The Throw-In Mistake.
  • The Conspiracy Theory Counter. Which Team Had The Most Injustices?
  • The Distribution From the Back. Why Did Jones Play Long?
  • The Phil Neville Dive. Hilarious.
  • If you admit cheating, should you be let off?
  • The FA. Good English Eggs v Rotten Foreign Tomatoes
  • Phil Neville is Beige...
  • Are there more Refereeing mistakes, or are they just more publicised?
  • We Have a Plan B!
  • How Did the Subs Change The Game?
  • Should Raheem Sterling Have Stayed On?
  • Some Praise For The Ref, Then Loads of Criticism...
  • Inconsistencies. What Merits a Yellow Card?
  • Time to take Sterling out of the firing line?
  • Did Suso Deserve to Get Hooked?
  • Did Our Lack of Experience Finally Catch up With Us?
  • That Technology Debate Again...
  • TOPIC: Comparing Reds v Blues. Who Has The Better Side?
  • THE WORLDS SHORTEST MATCH PREVIEW: Liverpool v Swansea ...And much more!

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