Week 20 (PART ONE): "Flipping The Triangle"


On part one of this week's 2 hour subscriber show, Chris and Paul are joined by Impressionist and Comedian Darren Farley to discuss...

  • Liverpool 3-0 Wigan: The Final Word
  • Chris sees his first home league win in 2012!!!
  • The 1st Half, same old story...
  • Was It Right to Sub Suso?
  • "Flipping The Triangle". Effective and A Little Bit Slutty...
  • His Name is Lucas, Except When it's Joe Allen...
  • Are Foxes in Boxes a Dying Breed?
  • Welcome back to the fold Jordan Henderson!
  • The 2nd Half: All change, for the better!
  • Death By Football, in the flesh.
  • Jose Enrique is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Obscure Premier League Era Player Reference of The Week: Phil Stamp
  • The Forward 3, The Well Oiled Fantasy Point Scoring Machine...
  • The Blatant Suarez Jealousy From Other Teams' Fans
  • Who was the Star Man of the match?
  • Giving Wigan Some Credit -Al Habsi , Pepe Reina and Passing From The Back.
  • TOPIC: A Pepe Reina Love In
  • TOPIC: Why Liverpool Are NOT Selling Luis Suarez in January.
  • Big Cash Rich Club interested in Good Player Shocker!!!!!!!
  • MATCH PREVIEW: Liverpool v Young Boys
  • Seconds Stringers Game?
  • Is The Europa League a Priority?
  • Paul ruins the end of the show
  • Lineup Predictions
  • Score Predictions And much more!

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