Week 23 (PART ONE): Smash and Grab-tastic!


On the first hour of this week's Subscriber Show the lads are joined by Well Red and Late Tackle Magazine's editor in Chief Gareth Roberts to discuss...

  • The Final Word: West Ham 2-3 Liverpool
  • Glen Johnson. Worldy Maker
  • Diame and The Michael Owen Visual Pain Scale
  • A Very Different Story- How We Felt at 60 minutes...
  • Is it possible to feel sorry for an Allardyce team?
  • "One of Those Days"... Combating Fan Fatalism
  • Rodger's Increasingly Great Tactical Substitutions
  • Shall We Eat Joe Cole Filled Humble Pie?
  • Can We "Afford" Luxury Players?
  • Short Blanket Syndrome
  • Jonjo Shelvey and the "Mysterious False 9 Role"
  • Is Carlton Cole Better Than Andy Carroll?
  • Dangerman Reaction: Kev Nolan
  • TOPIC: Pulis, Wenger and The Greener Grass.
  • Johnny Vaughan and Robbie Savage on 606. Bellendary at it's finest
  • Much Improved Jordan Henderson
  • How Did Suarez's Absence Affect The Team?
  • A Genuine Team Performance?
  • When Will We See The "Fluid Front 3" Again?
  • The Heavy Shirt. Are Downing and Henderson Coping With The Pressure?
  • Too Many Kids Spoil The Broth?
  • STAT ATTACK: Stevie Gerrard HAS been good this season!
  • Is Stevie Suffering by Comparisons to Himself?
  • The Heady Heights of 10th!
  • The Form Table
  • TOPIC: Is The Premier League Sh*t?
  • TOPIC: Sahin Wants A Different role. Jog on?
  • Does Rodger's Trust Sahin at DM?

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