Week 26 (PART ONE): Suarez, Media Agendas and The Butterfly Effect...


On Part One of this week's 2 hour Subscriber Show, Chris, Paul, Mike and John discuss...

  • THE FINAL WORD: Mansfield Town 1-2 Liverpool
  • 30 minutes on top, 60 under the cosh...
  • Do Liverpool Struggle Against Physical Sides?
  • Not the right game for Suso?
  • The Mansfield Pitch, A Different World For Academy Kids?
  • Would Barca REALLY Struggle Against Stoke?
  • Shelvey/Sturridge, shades of Torres/Gerrard?
  • Jack Robinson, Can He Live Up To The hype?
  • The Carra/Coates Pairing. Good cover or disaster waiting to happen?
  • Is Coates Just a defensive "Plan B"?
  • The Last Days of JC
  • Good Game, But Do We Need a Better Backup than Brad Jones?
  • Where is Liverpool's Line of Succession in Goal?
  • Should We Splash the Cash On Jack Butland?
  • TOPIC: The Suarez Handball "Controversy"
  • Jon Champion. Slip of The Tongue or Agenda Driven?
  • Luis Suarez, The Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • The Reprehensible Behaviour of Ray Stubbs.
  • Carolyn Radford and The Joey Tribbiani
  • Honesty In Football is a Myth
  • Are We Too Biased Towards Suarez to Be Objective?
  • The Butterfly Effect and Why Suarez Can't Have "Cheated" Mansfield out of a Replay
  • Why Cancelling your ESPN Subscription is pretty pointless, well, until May.
  • TOPIC: Daniel Sturridge's Debut
  • Pace, Power AND Goalscoring? Surely not?
  • The Dance Celebration.

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