Week 29 (PART TWO): Rising Suns Not Shooting Stars


On part two of this week's 2 hour 10 minute Subscriber Show the lads discuss...

Pictures of The Week - Eden Hazard is an easy target, but Phillip Lahm isn't... - MATCH PREVIEW: Man City v Liverpool - The Champions. Away. Should We Be Worried? - Reflecting on The Meeting at Anfield, a game of what-ifs... - Have City Improved Since Last Season? - Why Do We Like City More Than Chelsea? - Martin Skrtel and Brendan Rodgers' Man Management - Dangerman Focus: David Silva - Can Rodgers Win "Tactically"? - Lineup Predictions - Bye Bye Balotelli - VOTE: http://www.shortyawards.com/?category=webshow&screen_name=theredmentv - Score Predictions - TOPIC: Why Does Every LFC Defeat Lead To Bi-Polar Overreaction? - Is Social Media to blame? - Continued Symptoms from 4 Years of Chaos... - Too Many Comparisons With The Past? - The Lasting Damage of Roy hodgson - Why Rafa Raised The Expectation Bar For Manager Experience - Where Did All The Patience Go? - The Football Rich List- A Sign Of Positivity - Are We Too Excitable? - A Transition Season is Just That. - We've Waited 23 Years For The Title, Why Get Upset Now? - The Difference Between Short Term Aims and "Accepting Mediocrity" - Why We Need A New Sun, Not Another Shooting Star - The Arsenal Model - QPR: Why Money DOESN'T Buy Success. - Have We Become Too Self Important Following Hicks and Gillett's Ousting?

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