Week 36 (PART TWO): Bruno Cheyrou, 5-a-side LEGEND


On part two of the show, the lads are STILL joined by Gareth Roberts and Nick O'Prey, only this time they cover...

  • Pictures of the Week
  • Suso: The People’s Player, Pope JC and Brendan Rodgers Evil Genius
  • ASK THE REDMEN- We Answer Your Questions on All Things Footy and LFC…
  • Why Must We Always Have One Player Scapegoat Per Season?
  • Have We Always Been Like This, Or Is It A Modern Thing?
  • Have Scapegoats Ever Been As Talented as Lucas, Henderson and Allen?
  • Name Your Dream LFC 5-a-side Team…
  • What Team Other Than Liverpool Do You Prefer To Watch?
  • Who or What is To Blame for the Demise of Martin Skrtel?
  • If Rodgers Has £20m To Spend in the Summer, How Does He Spend It?
  • QUICKFIRE ROUND: Your Questions. 60 Seconds Each. Game on...
  • Can Paul Get His First Win In 3 Weeks? Will Chris say something ridiculous? Find out now!

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