The Summer Football Show (Week 1): Start The Bidding at £50m!


Available After 10pm (UK time) 5th June...

Our brand new post season subscriber show (try saying that 3 times fast) starts here! The lads are on hand to discuss the latest Liverpool news and transfer speculation as well the top stories from the Premier League and beyond...

  • TOPIC: Luis Suarez On His Way?
  • The Torres Rule: Why £40m is too little
  • The Reported "Minimum Fee Release Clause" and What it really means
  • The Pros and Cons of Selling Suarez.
  • Why We Should Be Sensible with any money we get, but not TOO sensible
  • Are Real Madrid Shit Anyway?
  • TOPIC: Pepe Reina Staying Put?
  • Does He Really Want to Stay or is it all Victor Valdes' Fault?
  • Why It's Vital We Keep Him
  • Do We Need Another Keeper Anyway?
  • TOPIC: £85 million for Gareth Bale. Are Real on Crack?
  • Why There's No Comparison with Ronaldo... Yet...
  • Is Bale Leaving "Bad For the Premier League"?
  • TOPIC: The Return of Mourinho
  • The Ghost Goal Whinger
  • Can He Avoid the "Going Back Curse"?
  • Can Chelsea Win The Title?
  • TOPIC: Neymar To Barca... Finally
  • Is He Badly Overrated or the Next Big Thing?

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