Reds Roundup: Wk 4: Ta Ra Mkhitaryan!


SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: On this week's much delayed show, the lads discuss...

  • TOPIC: Arsenal Want Suarez
  • Are The Gunners Playing Mind Games With Madrid?
  • Is £30m an insult?
  • Has anything been lost in translation?
  • TOPIC: Mkhitaryan Joins Dortmund
  • Why Are We Arsed?
  • TOPIC: Shelvey to Swansea- A Good move All Round?
  • TOPIC: Is Jay Spearing Worth more Than £1.5m?
  • TOPIC: Alonso to Liverpool... Again?
  • The Word's Fastest Rumour Dismissal of All time!
  • MATCH BUILD UP: Preston v Liverpool

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