RMTV Wk 39: The Final Word... Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool

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SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE... The lads are here to pull apart the shock and disappointment of Liverpool' 3-3 capitulation to Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, which makes it sound like it'll be horrible but its not...

  • Still shell shocked?
  • It looked like another typical performance, but ended up being, err… a typical performance…
  • Would you have done anything differently in the starting XI?
  • Joe Allen had another good game and finally got a goal!
  • We had chances to bury this game.
  • Credit to Crystal Palace?
  • Where did it all go wrong?
  • Did we pay the price for going too gung ho for goals?
  • Criticism for Johnson
  • Sakho and Skrtel have apparently conceded 29 in 18 games.
  • The leaky defence we were warned about comes back to haunt us.

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