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By Mark Mason @MMason

  In the wake of the latest round of the never-ending speculation on our owners, it leaves us as fans a number of important questions. They are a lot more complex than simply FSG in or out.  
  1.  Does super-rich owners taint  a clubs triumphs?
  In 1998 people in the UK actually got interested in Baseball. It was the race to break the all-time home run record. Roger Maris had set it in 1961 and it had stood for 37 years at 61 home runs. A big American hero battled a Dominican to see if they could break it. In the end it was Mark McGwire who triumphed over Sammy Sosa with 70 home runs, both men breaking Maris’ haul.   It was an amazing race. However, it was soured when in 2003 Sosa tested positive for steroids. It was then worsened when Mark McGwire admitted to taking them himself in 2010. Thankfully, by then, Barry Bonds had broken McGwire’s total with 73 in 2003. Yet Bonds’ deeds are in doubt after links to steroid use and perjury charges in a doping investigation.   The history books of Major League Baseball may have these three men as the top single season home run hitters in history. However, their records are tainted by what they did to get them.   Few Reds fans would argue that what Manchester City and Chelsea have done to get their titles is anything but the equivalent of economic doping.  
  1. Do we have enough financial investment currently?
  FSG came in at Liverpool’s darkest hour and saved us. They deserve credit for this and for the way they modernised Liverpool into a profitable business and developed the new main stand. However, these improvements have come at a price, a reduction in the investment on players.   In the 4 transfer windows since Klopp took over he has been given a decent amount of money to spend according to so called pundits. 150m, give or take, is a decent amount of money. However, it’s less than Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United spent net in just the last transfer window.  When we consider player sales the realistic investment that FSG have put into Liverpool in 2 years is more comparable to what Crystal Palace, bottom of the league, invested just this summer.  
  1. Can it be done without the money?
  Money is telling when we look at how investment correlates to league triumphs. In 25 years of the premier league, a team without one of the highest spending powers in the division have taken the title 1 time. That was the fairy-tale that was Leicester. Teams can get close, but they don’t get over the line. If we look at the years Rodgers and Benitez just missed out, we did it with a tightly bonded team with poor squad depth.   Much is made about Gerrard’s slip costing Liverpool the title in 2014. However, in defence Liverpool had Kolo Toure a free transfer from Manchester City. As first substitute, We had Victor Moses, a loan. Our left back for large parts of the season was Aly Cissokho, a loan. None were the quality that was needed but rather a price tag that was affordable.   A connection between money and domestic dominance isn’t something unique to the Premier League. In the same time frame of 25 years Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two richest clubs, have won the La Liga title 20 out of the 25 years. Bayern Munich dominate Germany with 5 titles in the last 5 years. Juventus have won Serie A 6 years in a row and PSG are 4 times Ligue 1 winners in the last 5 years. The richest teams rule their leagues.   So maybe the question should be:  
  1. what are we willing to do to win titles again?
  This leads to is the realisation that, I may object to the morality of a super-rich sugar Daddy owner, however I  want to win stuff far more than I object. I want to see another title. I want to believe we can win another champions League rather than celebrating just qualifying for it.   It seems that for Liverpool to meet the aspirations of the fans we have been left with little else other than to accept that it will require huge economic power. The only hope against this was for the enforcement of some sort of rules to level the playing field. However, attempts by UEFA to control spending through Financial Fair Play has been laughable. Never has that been more so apparent than with PSG’s transfer dealings this Summer.   Liverpool fans would love us to sign a Neymar, however it’s not about that. Klopp needs to be able to buy the players he wants without worrying over price tags and wage bills. Most importantly, I want us to be able to keep our most talented players and give them the confidence that the best quality is going to be coming through the door to play with them. That can be in the mould that Klopp desires with youth. Man City are demonstrating with signings like Sane and Gabriel Jesus, this can work. We have one of the best managers for developing players let’s give him the top talent to work with.  
  1. FSG in or out?
  It doesn’t matter. The issue is not FSG in or out. It’s a case of whoever will provide steady and ready access to significant finances. Give the fans that and they will be happy to support almost any owner at the club. I know I will.
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