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New kit launches are exciting days for football fans, it’s the first chance they get to see the strip that their hero’s will be wearing for the new season. Usually clubs use the clubs most popular players to model their new strip, Liverpool used the sexpot himself Phil Coutinho, Bobby Firmino and our captain Jordan Henderson. Arsenal had Ozil and Sanchez front and centre, Chelsea with Hazard and Sideshow Bob… you get the picture. RB Leipzig today revealed their rather smart new Nike kit today, top scorer Timo Werner is up front, Emil Forsberg – the Bundesliga assist leader also present. There is however one notable omission from this announcement though, Liverpool target Naby Keita. This omission has sparked much excitement in the Liverpool fan base as many keen eyed transfer detectives see this as a massive indication that Keita could be on his way out of Leipzig and on a plane to some ledge in Anfield/Melwood to make that all important lean. With the way things are going this window, news is trickling though pretty slowly. So when the fans are given an inch they are likely to take a mile. Does this kind of thing matter? Some would argue not – I mean I’m not sure a (RB Leipzig Kit Launch, 2017) reference would hold much clout in mainstream journalism. Then there are examples where key players have been included in kit launches, only to be removed when the club has sold them. You only need to look at what happened in the 2014 Liverpool Kit launch and Luis Suarez. He was included at the start of the marketing campaign, only to be removed after he was sold to Barcelona. So who knows really. What is interesting though is that this news comes on the day that the man, the myth, the legend Paul Joyce is cited to have said that Keita has already been offered 130k a week. Now that is a good source. Most of the time anything messrs Joyce, Barrett and Pearce, and recently Reddy, seem to be very reliable. Even Keita’s fellow Guinean Titi Camara believes Keita is has his heart set on the reds, even going as far as to say he wants the number 8 shirt as it is a “Lucky number to his Father”. While admittedly I know that excitement surrounding the RB Leipzig kit launch hype is a bit tongue in cheek, it certainly seems that this transfer is beginning to pick up pace and it is best to view this as another piece of the puzzle, rather than concrete information. If it does happen, it’s looking like it will be an expensive one at £70m, will he be worth that fee? Or does price not matter if Jurgen wants him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
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