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Whenever we think of social media in relation to football, we tend think about the positives, for example; how we are able to get information about our team more or less instantly, and how it gives us fans a platform to have our say. Whilst all this is very well and good in principle, the reality of it is that we are seeing more and more negativity creep into the way we support our own football team. In a week that saw Dejan Lovren admit that he received a death threat on his Instagram account from a fan after the Tottenham game, you have to wonder about the effects social media is having on the beautiful game.   This is something that I noticed after the Tottenham game leading up to the match against Huddersfield at Anfield, the amount of negativity surrounding Liverpool from our own supporters going into last weeks’ game was unreal and you could almost feel the toxic atmosphere around Anfield, even through the TV set. We live in a world now where communication is so easy and people can say more or less what they want, when they want, whilst hiding behind a username, without really considering the impact that has on other people. Whilst I was growing up, when Liverpool had a bad result you had a moan about it for one or two days and then got over it and we’re able to look forward to our next game, as the only real platform for a moan were either the pub or those football phone-in shows like 606. How things have changed; now when Liverpool have a bad result, fans are able to have a moan about it all week because the platform is there for them to do it, and the issue with that is the more you moan about something, the less likely you are to get over it, so by the time the next game comes around that built up frustration is still there, hence the toxic atmosphere in the match against Huddersfield. The same theory can be used when going from one season to another and the problem is, as Liverpool supporters we still haven’t gotten over the heartache of the 13/14 season, where we went so close to winning the league. The negative vibes from the end of that season still exist amongst supporters, and this is largely down to social media. I get it, I really do; I don’t think I have recovered myself from the ending of that season and all that did is make me want the title even more, but getting on the players’ backs during a game, or ranting and raving about how shit our club is on social media is not going to make us win the league any quicker.   Paul read out a comment on the Podcast show last Monday and those of you that listened to it, you will know the comment that I’m referring to, it was a frustrated fan ranting and raving about how completely shit our team is; it took Paul about three minutes to read this long-arse comment out and the more and more the guy went on, the further and further from the truth he got, to be quite honest I had to double check the username just to make sure it wasn’t my uncle as this is something he would come out with! However; believe it or not there are Liverpool supporters out there who actually believe we have a shit team, now I don’t know if their definition of shit is that we’re not challenging for the league, and if it is they have a point, however that’s not my definition of shit. For me, a shit Liverpool team is a team that is languishing mid-table or lower, we are not at the minute. If you actually look at the table we are actually only a few points outside the Champions League places and when you consider that we haven’t had the best start to the season that really isn’t bad.   Chris mentioned something in the same show that really got t me thinking about how far football supporters have fallen these last 20 years and how fickle we have become. He talked about how when he used to go to a game and a player would play a bad pass or give the ball away, we would all encourage him with comments like “unlucky son” or “right idea mate” just something positive to help the players keep their heads up. Whereas now in the same situation, it’s comments like “you’re f*****g shit” or something along those lines. I’m guilty of doing it myself but it just made me think wow, is this what football has come to?   The amount of comments I read after the Huddersfield game, midweek against Maribor and even last night against West Ham from Liverpool supporters asking why we were celebrating because these are teams we “should be beating.” If you can’t get excited about your team winning a football match you really should be looking at whether you should be watching footie in the first place, that’s just my opinion. I only know one way to watch a Liverpool game and that’s all in, I still get butterflies before kick-off and the hairs on the back of my neck still stand up whenever I hear our anthem, even if it’s on TV, and I still have to say a little prayer before the game starts, like I have been doing ever since I was a little kid. Those people that know me might say the only thing that’s changed is that I’ve become a bigger kid, but my point is  I still can’t help but get excited every time Liverpool take to the field, and if you’ve lost that basic element as a fan then maybe you should look at why you got into football in the first place because in my opinion that is the basic ingredient which connects all football supporters together, the fact that no matter how well our team is doing, we all cannot wait to see them play again.   Obviously people can use social media however they want and people are entitled to their own opinions but don’t go spreading bullshit for the sake of spreading bullshit, let’s have a constructive debate about it and let’s not let social media kill the game that we love.   Article by Imraan Adam @imadam786
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