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Sky Sources have claimed that LFC are in talks with Hull for the transfer of Andrew Robertson. While Liverpool’s interest in signing Andrew Robertson is nothing new to Reds fans this is an indication that that talks are progressing well. At this rate, he is likely to be our next signing, ahead of Naby Keita which may catch a lot of Reds fans off guard as many expected him to be the next man to follow Mo Salah into the Liverpool squad. This is all coming after the Echo reported yesterday that Robertson left the Hull training camp. Which is usually a big indication that a transfer is imminent, as clubs do not want their assets to get any training ground injuries that could scupper their multi-million-pound payday. Liverpool’s Left back issues are well documented. Moreno and Flanagan do not seem to be in Klopp’s long-term plan and Milner naturally is a midfield player not a defender. Add to that his age and you have a position that at the very least needs cover in the short term. Robertson is still pretty young, at the age of 23 and was a positive for Hull in what was otherwise a torrid season. A lot will level the argument that because he was in a team that got relegated last season he simply cannot be good enough for Liverpool but remember so was Gini Winjaldum. He became an important member of the squad last season scoring important goals at home against Man City and Arsenal and the architect of a beautiful assist against Tottenham. If any Everton fans level this point just remember that they have just bought Jordan Pickford. Who will play more then? Milner or Robertson? I personally feel that Robertson will play at cover for Milner or at best play around 50/50. Comparing their stats, Milner made 2.6 tackles a game and 1.2 successful interceptions over 3160 minutes of football in the Premier League. Conversely Robertson only made 1.6 tackles per game and a respectable 1.7 successful interceptions in 2737 minutes (whoscored.com). In addition to this, Milner has three assists to his name compared to Robertson’s single assist. Milner played in a much better attacking outfit and therefore it is unfair to compare the players attacking prowess. Milner had Firmino, Coutinho and co to supply. Robertson had Snodgrass for a bit and then Lazar Markovic. The stats do suggest though that the player does have to improve his tackling to get into the team. With the gengen-pressing that we employ under Jurgen Klopp, his tackling ability is very important to us as a good tackle could start a strong and potent attack. I think this is a case of finding cheap cover in a position that is not as much of a priority. Milner was fine, just getting older and getting a cheap backup is good business in my opinion and 7million is cheap as buttons in this window. James Milner with a bit of pressure and perhaps more rest will help improve his own performances too.
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