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This transfer window has been an interesting one. There’s been some big signings by the top 6, mainly with an influx in attacking talent, and an emergence of social media has been (mostly) well utilised to announce these signings. Everton have also been very busy during the window, which makes the lineup of teams next season very exciting, and very hard to predict, I’ll give it a go though To begin with I’m going to look at the top 6 (and Everton), and go into a bit of detail with their signings, who they’re linked with and who they’ve got shut of. I’ll also give them all a rating out of 10. First up, it has to be Liverpool. Although we’ve bought in Mo Salah, the attack isn’t what we’re bothered about, we desperately need to bring in some defenders. All news on Virgil Van Dijk has been kept quiet and so no-one knows where the club stands, and if we are still in the market for him. Also Naby Keita, the Guinean midfielder has a price of £70 million, and it seems talks and interest have stalled over the player recently due to how difficult it’s proving to sign the player. RB Leipzig are in a very strong position with Keita, as they have enough funds to not be desperate for the £70 million required to bring him to Anfield, and also a manager who’s certain that the player won’t be leaving. If the reds are willing to pay the £50 million, and can negotiate with Southampton to bring in Van Dijk, which would be a dream, would this rule out the possibility of also signing Keita? If we can sell Sakho for £30 million to Palace and Moreno for £15 million then this covers half of the deal. At left back the only concrete option for the reds seems to be Robertson. He wouldn’t be the first team left back and would be rotated with Milner, there’s no doubting he has potential and hopefully Klopp could help him hit the heights. 6/10 Second is Chelsea, as they finished first. They have done some shrewd business, selling Begovic for £10 million and then bringing in Caballero on a free, also signing a quality centre back who can play as a back three and is comfortable on the ball, Rudiger. However there moving further forward there are issues with the Chelsea attack, namely Diego costa who looks certain to leave, meaning there are big boots to fill. Conte seemingly doesn’t think that Batshuayi is there yet, as Chelsea have been heavily linked with Morata after missing out on Lukaku. I personally don’t think that Morata will be able to provide the same game as Costa, so for me Chelsea look set to possibly be weaker than last seasons side that romped to the title. 6/10 Spurs, Spurs, Spurs. Although I don’t view them as bottlers, unlike some, I do think that they have a mountain to climb if they want to win the league, I think that with their current squad they don’t have the quality or experience to win the Premier League, and for the most part look pants in Europe. The closest they’ve come to signing someone is being linked to Ross Barkley who looks set to leave Everton, although would this really be an improvement on Alli, Erisken or even Son? Also Josh King, who I do think would be good backup for Harry Kane, and much better than Vincent Janssen, who is just terrible. Should Walker leave Spurs for City then not only have Spurs been weakened, but City have also massively improved. 4/10 Speaking of City they’re up next. They started off strong however haven’t really backed it up. Bernardo Silva is quality and will only improve under Pep, and Ederson has got to be better than Bravo??? Provided that City sign Mendy and one of Alves or Walker, I think they have a good chance of winning the league. At times last season they where quality, and so far they have only improved, however need to make sure that they get some fullbacks in before the season starts. Losing Iheanacho though isn’t good news as he will be top class in years to come, however it’s understandable as Jesus (not Christ’s son, Gabriel) has taken over him in the pecking order. 7/10 Next up Arsenal. Who despite only getting the Europa League have bought in two good signings. Kolasinac is a tank of a fullback who, personally I think Liverpool should have at least enquired about, as he went on a free to Arsenal. Their second signing was Lacazette for £52 million, which when you see Sigurdsson being priced at £50 million, is great business. It is also a great signing for Arsenal as shows a statement of intent to return straight to Champions League football, which could go a long way to helping persuade Alexis Sanchez remain. Although Arsenal have been linked with two thirds of AS Monacos attack, I think what they really need is a better midfielder, such as William Carvalho. They would also do well to hold onto Giroud, as he is possibly the best backup striker in the league. The gunners would also do well to hold onto Chamberlain, however it seems that he is refusing to sign a new contract, so I’d like to see him at Liverpool as he is versatile and adds pace to the midfield or attack. 7/10 As is becoming the norm with United, they’ve gone and spent big on a player. Lukaku is a good replacement for Ibra and I don’t think he deserves all the criticism that Evertonian’s have started to heap his way. Along with all the shouts of ???we wanted him to leave’ and how he’s a bad influence on the team. However after Ibra leaving he’s got the confidence and the record in the Premier League, so despite the price it’s a top buy for United. Also, Lindelof is a highly rated defender, however I’m not sure how he’ll figure, but I’m not that interested anyhow. United are supposed to be buying Perisic who is completely unproven with regards to the Premier League and so if he does sign it could be a waste of money. United have lost Rooney, however for a while he’s been soaking up their budget funds and stealing minutes on the pitch, and so this could allow them to move on from the Rooney era, and to start fresh. Although a similar thing happened last year, with everyone backing United for the league, it actually could happen this year. Hopefully not though. 7/10 Last up is Everton, who aren’t good enough for the top 6, however I’ll include them because they think they’re going to be top 4 this season because they’ve signed a relegated teams starting goalkeeper, as well as the ever reliable Richard keys backing them to finish above Liverpool. They’ve made lots of signings, congratulations. Pickford, who although I just mocked, was decent last season and should be a good acquisition. Also Keane is a young centre back, again he was decent last season. Klaassen could be good however recent Eredvisie signings haven’t done much good in the prem (Depay and Janssen). Onyekuru could be decent but’s gone straight back out on loan. And Sandro is unproven in the league however could be very talented. Finally Rooney, he’s old and past it, and has to be a starter, however isn’t a midfielder, and can’t lead the line, the only realistic option I see is him and Sandro, or a better striker (provided they sign one) forming a partnership. Losing Lukaku I think will impact them more than they think as they no longer have a guaranteed 20+ goals a season striker. They have been linked with Benteke and Giroud, however I can’t see either making the move. And if Barkley is to leave, this will only weaken the squad as they have no quality replacement at attacking mid. 7/10 When looking at all this, how does it impact Liverpool? Well from the look of it some clubs have improved, some weakened, and in the case of Everton, they’ve stayed the same, so looking to next season I think that at the top it will become even harder to secure Champions League football, as Chelsea will still be in and around, even with the Costa trouble, Spurs at the top end despite not being good enough to win the league. Man City have also improved and so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them give the league a better go. Also United on paper have strengthened, and so this could be bad news, if they play to the quality of their players. Also Arsenal, but who knows. For Liverpool, currently we’ve not improved a whole lot, as really our issues are in defence. If we can shore up the back line, which will largely benefit us against the bottom half sides, we could really improve on last season. With that in mind, if we can keep up our form against the top half then I think we will at least make top 4 again, although, it could be as nail biting as this season gone. Just what we want then??? My top 6 1. City 2. Chelsea 3. Spurs 4. Liverpool 5. United 6. Arsenal
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