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It’s the biggest game of the season, hell it’s the biggest game of any season, Liverpool Vs Manchester United never seems to disappoint. Whether it’s Riise’s rocket of a free kick or Gerrard’s screamer, we all have our memories that make this fixture so special. However, with Liverpool coming out of a very difficult and disappointing month that saw the Reds only win one out of seven matches how important is the United game this time around? Answer; very! Personally I think this is because Klopp has to get it right in terms of his team selection and his tactics within the game. Whether you love him or not the fact is Klopp is under pressure and is in desperate need to produce a result on Saturday, the players know it, the fans know it and I reckon even Klopp himself knows how important it is to get three points this weekend. Before anyone becomes up in arms about what I am saying I would just like to point out that I am still a massive fan of Klopp and I definitely think he’s the right man for the club, but facts don’t lie and with only one win in the last six weeks Klopp is a man under pressure and desperately needs to turn things around starting with the United game. So how can he do this? Well I think one of the key areas we could utilise well at the weekend is our midfield. Obviously we all know that Saido Mane is out for the next six weeks which could potentially see Coutinho moved out to the left forward position, this in turn could mean the reintroduction of Henderson, Can and Wijnaldum in the centre of midfield, a trio that started the season so well for us, especially against Arsenal. There is something about these three players that I really like, as a unit they look solid and comfortable on the ball as well as having a great understanding with each other. However for this game I wonder if Klopp will try something a little different with this trio, this is something I have been thinking about for the past two weeks now and personally I would like to see two of the three players holding at all times, rather than one holding and two bombing forward. I just think with the range of attacking talent that United have at their disposal it might be worthwhile having another body back there to help out with our leaky defence. Another area I think Klopp might have to make a slight adjustment to is our full backs, with regards to letting them flow forward whenever we are attacking. Again I’ve been saying this for a few weeks now but really feel it’s important to put our full backs on a bit of a leash. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want Liverpool to turn up on Saturday and just park the bus, I want to see us have a real go at United and really take the game to them, mainly because I’m sitting in the Kop for my first Liverpool United game, however with all that being said I still think we need to adopt a slightly less “gun ho” attitude and try be a bit more solid and harder to break down. I also think we as fans need to create an intimidating atmosphere around Anfield and I’m not just talking for the first 10 minutes, we need to be shouting our heads off for the full 98 minutes, it’s United so there will probably be seven or eight minutes injury time especially if we are winning. But my point is it’s all very well us sitting here saying Klopp needs to this and Klopp needs to do that but we also need to do our part. I wrote on here after the United game last season saying that just because Mourinho went and parked the bus wasn’t a good enough reason to let the noise level drop around Anfield, yes it was a boring game last year and to be honest it might be the same this time around but we as fans shouldn’t be letting Mourinho get his own way. He’s done it too many times at Anfield where he’s come and silenced the crowd, but this stops now. So I urge every Liverpool supporter attending the game on Saturday to raise the roof and make sure we give Mourinho a heartfelt two fingered wave by helping our lads come away with all three points. Article by Imraan Adam
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