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By Mark Mason @MMason00   Watching Liverpool this season has been a case of extremes. At times the football has been dazzling, some of the best I have seen in years. while at other, it has been abject. We are all far too aware of our defensive frailties that are hampering our season.   In the last 20 years, there have been few players allowed to leave Anfield who I have come to realise that letting go was a mistake. Yet, sometimes it takes loosing someone to realise how much they mean to you. When you have them their everyday you forget how special and unique their qualities are, until they’re not around anymore.   The man I am talking about was so much more than a Defensive-Midfielder. He was a golden headed prince among men. He was a lion in the centre of midfield. His ability to foul and foul and foul again was incredible. No referee could ever consider a red card after looking into those blue eyes. We all know who I’m talking about.   We have all had that friend who has been with his girlfriend for years and starts to get restless. Normally, they start treating her badly, break up with her. We have all seen him 6 months later begging on his knees for her to come back to him. He now understands that what he had was special and he has thrown it all away. Normally, the hurt from his actions means that he cannot win her back. However sometimes, just sometimes, the girl will relent.   In that vain, I take it upon myself on behalf of all Liverpool fans to write this letter. These are all my own words, any resemblance to the work of anyone else is obviously an accident.   Dear Lucas,   It’s been seven hours and sixty four days Since lazio took your away We go to every game and sit and pray Since lazio took your away Since you been gone the opposition can do whatever they want I can see all the 50/50s we lose We can try any midfielder playing deep we want But nothing I said nothing can keep away those goals ‘Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to Lucas It’s been so disastrous without you here Like a team without a song Nothing can stop the other guys from scoring Tell me Lucas where did we go wrong We could try and scout around every DM we see But they’d only remind me of you I watched Match of the day and guess what they told me? Guess what they told me? They said Klopp had better try to get someone No matter who it is, but they are fools ‘Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to Lucas All the clean sheets that we won In our back yard All dried up when you went away I know that living with us was sometimes hard But please give it another try ‘Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to Lucas Nothing compares Nothing compares to Lucas Nothing compares Nothing compares to Lucas
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