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So, I’ve been doing these ‘post match analysis’ articles every since the Manchester City game at the beginning of the month, and I can’t describe what a relief it is to finally be writing about a win. Much like Liverpool’s signing of Oxlade-Chamberlain, my timing beginning these articles seemed to have been ill-fated, as the four of these that I’ve already done have been to discuss what have been two depressing draws and two even more depressing losses. But, here we are! We made it! Liverpool beat Leicester City 3-2 at the weekend in one of the best games of the season so far. The best bit about it? The lack of moaning, for sure. It was apparent that a lot of our consistent issues were still knocking about, but who cares? Nobody does! We won! It was really good to see for so many reasons. Of course it’s great to see us get back into the swing of winning football matches, but with such a big game against Spartak Moscow tomorrow evening, it’s amazing to be going into that game having played ourselves into a little bit of form. Not only that, but some individual players put in some performances to really rave about, so their own confidence, as well as the confidence of the team on the whole, will be on the rise. I’ll talk about players who stood out a little later on. Let’s first discuss some outstanding goals that we were treated to. The first was obviously Salah’s, a great header at the far post. I think the combination of Coutinho to Salah is going to be such an impressive weapon for us this season, because with Coutinho’s accuracy at crosses and the pace of Salah when trying to reach balls, it will provide plenty of goals for us if they stay fit. It was also good for Salah to took that away so soon after missing an open goal immediately before it. I was in a bar in the middle of Liverpool and there was such a groan after the miss, people calling him a mug, I had Snapchats from an Everton fan mocking him, and then they all changed their tune about 2 minutes later, it was beautiful. I think Salah is quite deceptively good in the air, he’s only a little fella but has quite the leap on him, and that gives him a real advantage over some defenders who could underestimate him. Of course, the second goal is just another piece of magic from Phil Coutinho. That was exactly why we were so desperate to keep him, moments like that can prove to be the difference in these games. The free-kick is so well struck and there’s absolutely nothing Kasper Schmeichel (who’s no mug in goal, by the way) can do about it. Everyone watching knows exactly where Coutinho is going to try and put that ball, but there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop him putting it there. It was just excellent. The third goal was also a fantastic goal. Scored by the captain Jordan Henderson, who was magnificent, and I’ll talk more about him shortly. But we broke away so well as a team, demonstrating our clinical ability on the counter attack. The work from Henderson for this goal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his performance on the whole. It’s a move that he starts and finishes himself. He starts by winning the ball excellently in our own half, leaving centre-half Harry Maguire behind him. His finish is just as good, so calm and composed as he checks back across Maguire (who only just makes it back) and gives the ‘keeper the eyes, lifting it over him. He was due a goal (the last one was that stunner vs Chelsea last season) and his performance definitely deserved one. The man put in a true captain’s performance for the first time in a while in a Liverpool shirt. He was everywhere, he was demanding of his players, he was questioning the referees, he got in the ear of Jamie Vardy before the penalty. He was fantastic. A lot of fans will claim that it’s about time we saw a performance like this, and maybe they have a point, but it’s seriously important to give credit where it’s due here. I was going to spend some time discussing the negative aspects to the game, but why should I? Liverpool won a game of footie for the first time in September and I’m fucking happy about it, let’s not dwell on the negatives, nobody talks about positives when we lose, so why should we do the opposite when we win? If this last month has proven anything, it’s that there are going to be so many ups and downs this season, so let’s enjoy it for another day while we’re here, and start to focus on Moscow tomorrow night, it’s going to be a belter and I think we’re heading for another win. A Champions League win, how good does that sound? Come on Liverpool!   By Ben Kelly – Follow me on Twitter here!
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