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By Mark Mason @MMason00 Let me start this with a statement. I, unlike many, was a fan of Brendon Rodgers and feel that his achievements for us are undervalued. Rodgers is a good coach. His time at Swansea and his record at Celtic show this. However, the Klopp vs Rodgers debate is Bulls**t. This is why. Stats Comparing the record of the two managers is something that we have constantly rammed down our throat by the so-called pundits. It’s stupid. Yes, right now, after 72 games in charge, the record of Brendon Rodgers is superior by 3 points. But, lets qualify this, this is the first 72 games of Brendon Rodgers not the last 72 games. This places a huge emphasis of the 2013-14 season and the marvellous run which saw us come up just short in the league. After that our fortunes under Rodgers went down-hill fast. What also needs to be taken into consideration was the glut of fixtures at the end of Klopp’s first season in charge. When we made a run at the European Cup the league was pushed to the side. It is hard to believe that without the distraction and resting of players that Liverpool wouldn’t have picked up more points. A more accurate comparison is to look at the trajectory in results. Rodgers collected 61 points in his first season, 82 in his second and 62 in his third. Klopp has only taken us upwards. His 48 points in 30 games in his first season was followed up by 76 last year. Right now, after 6 games we are on course for a 70-point season. A few tweaks and we can improve on this 7O points that was only surpassed by Rodgers once in his three seasons. Squad When you come in as a new manager you are working with the previous managers squad. It is only after a period of time that the team can be described as yours. However, some squads are better than others to walk into.  Brendon Rodgers strolled into a team with the ageing, but still quality, Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard as well as the mercurial talent that was Luis Suarez. Raheem Sterling had begun to come through under Kenny the year before. In the winter window a fit Daniel Sturridge and Phillipe Coutinho were brought to the club. Yet, we finished with 61 points. In contrast Klopp came into a team lacking a leader, after Gerrard’s departure. A defence that was a mess. Christian Benteke who couldn’t hit a barn door, Lallana hadn’t settled, Can was inconsistent and Sturridge was injured. Yet he walked away at the end of the season with 2 cup finals and only 1-point shy of Rodgers total. If Klopp had been given the wealth of talent that had been available to Rodgers on his arrival, it is hard to imagine that he wouldn’t have produced more with them. Only now is Liverpool’s team starting to have players who can be compared to a Gerrard or a Suarez. Klopp deserves the chance to show what he can do with them. Transfers If we look at their performance in the transfer market we can see a huge difference in the quality they have brought into the club. So far of the 11 players that Klopp has brought into the team, only 2 of them can be suggested to be disappointments. Klavan isn’t the new Maldini, yet at 5 million he was never going to be. He was brought in to be the third-choice centre back. It has only been down to injuries has he had so many appearances for us so far. Karius has not lived up to the potential we invested in. However, once again we are speaking about a 5 million acquisition who we could easily recoup our money on. The issue with Klopp has not been spending badly but rather not spending enough. Klopp isn’t willing to risk getting a player just for the sake of it. This is frustrating for fans. However, the other option is to bring in too many. Rodgers brought in, Baleotteli, Borini, Benteke, Aspas and Lambert alone as strikers. In total, including loans, under Rodgers Liverpool brought in 29 players to lean on something at Melwood. Of that 29 only 5 can be argued to have been a success under Rodgers: Coutinho, Sturridge, Clyne, Milner and Ings. When you consider that Klopp has turned around the careers of Mignolet, Moreno, Lalllana, Can and Firmino. You could argue that he has had better success with Rodgers’ signings than Rodgers himself. Defence The Defence is a stick that is now being beaten over Klopp’s head continuously. There is reason for this, their performance has not been good enough. However, this is not a new phenomenon. This has been an ongoing problem since Rafa left the club. People seem to forget that a leaky defence was a common problem under Rodgers. In his 3 seasons in charge we conceded 43 the first year, 50 the second year, and 48 the third. In Klopp’s 1st season 38 in 30 games and 42 last year. Klopp has not given us a shaky back line. No, he hasn’t really improved it, but this issue is not new. What he did fix is the issue of scoring we suffered after the loss of Luis Suarez and the end of Sturridge as a 1st team regular. In his final season Rodger’s Liverpool only scored 52 league goals. Compare that to the 78 in Klopp’s first full season and we can see that the forward line has been improved. In short Klopp is doing a good job, actually a great job. He has been a victim of his own success and is being held to the highest of standards. He is a manager who can meet those standards. It seems crazy to say this but Paul Merson actually said something sensible. Usually when a new manager comes in they look to fix the defence then move forward. Klopp has done this in reverse. The attack is more or less what he would want, let’s give him the time to work on the defence. The success that Klopp created at Borussia Dortmund did not come overnight. It took time and patients. If Liverpool fans are willing to give Klopp this, the rewards could be what we’ve been dreaming of for over 25 years.
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