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By Mark Mason    @MMason00   This past transfer window has been one to remember for a long time. It has been record breaking in more than one regard. The Influence of the television money on the Premier League has led to an unequaled £1.4B spent on players in 3 months, a 23% rise compared to the last summer.   Liverpool’s performance in the window has received differing reviews from supporters and pundits, with some adjectives used far more colourful than others. We managed within a week to morph from despair to delirium end for many as a disappointment at missed opportunities.   The Premise   Whatever people’s take on the window no one is describing Klopp’s building job complete. There are still clear holes within the squad which desperately need to be finished off. So let’s play a little game with time and reality. Let’s buy the best possible players from Liverpool’s past 30 years. How much would they cost and would we of picked them above the other similarly priced options.   If we use the players that Klopp wasn’t able to bring in as a guide for what he believes to be missing from the squad we need 3 recruits. Our chase of Van Dijk, Keita and Lemar, tells us Klopp wants a dominant Centre Back, a star Midfielder and a Wide Forward backup for Mane and Salah. Lets see what history can provide.   Centre Back Sami Hyypia (25) Willem II:- Price (1999) £2.5m > (2017) £15.5m In a window where Liverpool were looking to buy Van Dijk and willing bid in excess of £70m, anything less than a top draw Centre Back was set to receive a backlash. Therefore, the replacement ending up as an unheard of 25 year old from the dutch league for £15.5m, has unsurprisingly raised a few eyebrows. Hyypia’s signing drew angry reactions from supporters, who argue that his capture shows a lack of ambition on the part of the club. The window saw few quality CB’s made available. However, the Reds may well rue missing out on Michael Keane who signed by their city rivals Everton for only £30m. The big Finn will most likely be used as a backup behind the number one partnership of Lovren and Matip, and expect his appearances to be limited to cup games   Midfielder Xabi Alonso (23) Real Sociedad:- Price (2004) £10.7m > (2017) £41m The signing of Xabi Alonso has thrilled many arm chair fans who have raved online non-stop about his quality YouTube videos. Alonso, who captained Sociedad to second place in La Liga, was highly coveted by many of Europe’s top clubs. His signing is quite a coup, with Real Madrid long rumoured to be his most likely destination. However, not all experts are convinced Alonso is good business for the Reds. Phil Neville when asked said: “The technique of Alonso is unquestionable. However I don’t see him as someone who would help them win the Champions League. I feel with Matic and Drinkwater available for similar prices. They would have been wiser to invest their money in a premier league proven player.”   Wide Forward John Barnes (23) Watford;- Price (1987) £900k > (2017) £30m Liverpool’s last dip into the transfer window in the final hour was to sign up the Watford winger John Barnes. The England international, originally from Jamaica, departed on deadline day for a club record sales fee for Watford of 30m. Barnes played a vital role in the hornets promotion into the top division. He also starred in their recent FA cup run, where they reached the Semi-Final losing out to Tottingham. His signing for £30m has been lauded as a smart piece of business for a still 23 year old forward, who has potential to step up to the next level. However, the move was some what surprising, due to the quality of forwards already at the club. The performances of Salah, Mane and with Coutinho returning will make it difficult for Barnes to get consistent playing time. His place on the plane to Russia this summer may well depend on him being able to do this.   When added to the other signings of Oxlade Chamberlain, Salah, Solanke and Robertson. The club have outlayed a club record of around £166.5m this window. Liverpool and Klopp will be under pressure to perform after such a financial investment. Champions league qualification will be a must for the reds this year. Only time will tell if this squad is capable of producing it.   **All fees were calculated based on the percentage of their original signing on fee compared to the at that time, world record transfer fee. The 2017 fee is based on that percentage against the current world record transfer fee.
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