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Paul is here with all of Thursday’s LFC news including Jon Flannagan being excited for a fresh start with the Reds, Danny Ings is getting closer to full fitness, Klopp said we need patience in the transfer market and Keita has reportedly asked to leave RB Leipzig to join Liverpool! How are we today Reds? Here is your daily news update for today. Jurgen Klopp has asked for patience in the transfer market today as we enter another day without any solid movement in the Keita transfer. He said that the club are waiting for the “right movement” to make any further signings. The Echo are reporting that Klopp is keen to get in a left back, center-half and a center mid. I see this to be a good sign from Klopp, it shows that he is unlikely to panic in the transfer market and make the same mistakes of previous managers by settling for something that he is not happy with. While it is frustrating for us fans, not knowing what is happening inside the club. Rest assured that Klopp and the new CEO Peter Moore are very busy. John Flanagan returns to Liverpool training today, having had a year’s training under his belt after his knee injury. We have an article up on the website today about Flanno, so make sure you give that a read! Danny Ings is another man who is ready to restart his Anfield career, however he is keeping his head on the ground by saying that he does not want to rush anything too quickly. Again, the theme of making sure the ???timing is right’ crops up again, patience is key. “Im not setting any big targets” he says “Im trying to accomplish small things at a time, The next one is to integrate with the lads and get back involved” Fantastic quotes from Ings, clearly had a lot of time to reflect on his injury layoffs. It wouldn’t be a daily news show this week, without talking about the man of the moment Naby Keita. He has reported to have spoken to RB Leipzig twice this week and has his heart set on a move to Liverpool. However, it is also important to note that he does not want to “spit on the club (Leipzig)”. He wants to go about it in the right way, which is another reason why this one might bubble on for a little while yet.
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