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Chris and Paul are here with their 100th episode of Redmen Radio! 100! They talk through the usual business of Liverpool being boss, the news surrounding the Reds and take LOADS of your questions!




Our 100th Pod, and final one in this format check out new channel here:
“Maych x Pajak” (Maych and Pajak)

KICK OFF: Ben Wheatcroft‏ @zippybungle
If you could have a shirt made up of previous liverpool shirts like the Man City one they’ve released what shirts would you use?


  • Joe Gomez back in training
  • Mane scored
  • Firmino scored (plus that layoff for Paqueta in the first game)
  • Sterling stands up to racist abuse- brilliant. Some things transcend rivalry.
  • Hendo got a great write up

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TOPIC 1: Time to just enjoy the lads we’ve got
7 league games
Max of 5 CL

TOPIC 2: Spurs
City have got some very winnable games, the pressure is really on us for a couple of weeks.
We are at that stage when finding focus is so much easier because the end is in sight.
Spurs have fallen off a cliff


Billy Clarke‏ @clarkeyy_billz
Klopp as your dad, Virgil as your husband or Trent as your son, ONLY CHOOSE ONE!

Shane B van Wyhe‏ @ShaneBvw
Top 3 transfers out (Liverpool) that broke your heart.. Go on! For me:
Owen to Madrid/Utd
Alonso to Madrid

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