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Your whole life documented, a real-life Truman Show. Meet lifelong Liverpool fan Cory McLeod, who at 30 years of age, has had a photo taken every day of his life from birth, beginning with his father before he took over, chronicled all of it and produced one superb book. His time-lapse videos online have reached an audience in the millions.

An autobiography with a difference follows Cory as he navigates his way through everyday life. Cory battles anxiety, faces a gun to the face and pays 40 dollars to remove a knife from his chest as well as tales of following the Reds to Kyiv and Madrid with an encounter with our very own Chris Pajak thrown in.

30 Years: A Life Lived Every Day by Cory McLeod is a story the everyday person can relate to. One minute life is going to plan, the next you’re wondering “How the f*** did it come to this?”

30 Years: A Photo of Cory Every Day

We spoke to Cory to get a flavour of the book…

On the inspiration: “My parents are both artistic people and they met at an art college. Before I was born over a glass of wine my dad had this idea of taking a photo of me every day. Originally it was meant to be for a flick book after a couple of years but I think he got addicted to the project and by the time YouTube came it made sense to turn it into a timelapse video, didn’t think anything of it and within a few weeks it had gone viral around the world.”

21 Years

On taking over: “At 22 I left home and took my iPhone with me so I continued the project basically, which led me to travel all around the world. It just made sense to continue the project. I turned my Mount Everest blog into a book which kind of led me to the idea of writing down the stories to accompany the photos.”

On meeting Chris: “I think he was leading all the chants in the last bar we went to before the game. It was funny because I’d been watching Redmen TV all during the build-up and then I bumped into him over there. He was in good spirits let’s say…”

On supporting Liverpool from a distance: “When I first moved to Dubai 10 years ago I didn’t really know where to go to watch the game so I was just going to any bar and seeing if they had it on. Now there’s a really big Liverpool supporters community, especially with Dubai Reds. They even have a sponsored supporters bar that we go to every week. They even put on activities once a month. I’ve met some great people and it’s a good place to be.”

We look forward to Dublin being involved in the next edition…

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