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On a bright summers afternoon somewhere in Liverpool, I was minding my own business (Working really hard in case Paul and Chris read this) when BAM!! It hit me. Liverpool are in the Champions League Final. Shit the bed.


A combination of watching the Europa League final and several of Liverpool’s previous Champions League victories has subliminally led me to this point. I’m nervous, I’m sick, I’m a little kid on Christmas Eve and I can’t help it.


But why? Because I’m a football fan, because I love Liverpool Football Club and of course because I’m a human being, feelings can’t be helped. Liverpool have created so many memories, experiences and emotions this season during their Champions League run its unreal.


They’ve not only brought a whole fan base together; they’ve united a City. Ok, maybe not the blue half, they’ve got their own problems as they’ve had don of Gravy Sam â??Bisto tits’ Allardyce pissing off everyone in his path.


I mean the Red half, the football fans, people who don’t live in the city, people who don’t really care for football all coming down for the game. What else in the world has the power to do that? Not even Eurovision.


We’ve gradually started some of the build-up process for the game here at Redmen TV and it got me thinking. This Liverpool team has grown so much over the last five months, they’ve given so much for the shirt and to some degree they’ve exceeded expectations. I say to some degree as there’s a small gripe with only finishing fourth despite being in a Champions League final. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

My point is, should Liverpool lose and lets all obviously hope that they don’t, this is a team progressing, this is a team adapting to what Klopp wants and a team that will only get better. I don’t know about you but they’ve done me proud, bringing the trophy home will hold them up in Liverpool folklore; I’m talking Souness, Thompson, Dalglish, Rush, Biscan and Traore. Maybe not the last two but the point remains the same.


In the build-up to Istanbul I was reminded of those greats, reminded of how may titles they’d won and how they bossed sides about. Now it’s the turn of another generation, those that missed Istanbul, craving for their side to bring home number six. And rightly so, why shouldn’t they want to enjoy and be part of Liverpool history.


Liverpool went to Istanbul the underdogs, well probably not even that. Milan at that point were a team full of superstars, it was literally Space Jam 2.0. If you don’t get that reference, go and watch this film. Honestly, you’re missing out.

And it’s a similar situation this time, Real Madrid are quite rightly favourites for the final, they are one of the most decorated sides in recent European history having won the competition three times within the past four seasons. That’s some record.

Liverpool on the other hand have already been written off by some. Mainly bitter rivals, Real Madrid players with ‘A por la 13’ t-shirts and the odd pundit, probably Chris Sutton, he’s the kind of guy that loves to piss on a parade isn’t he?


I digress, Liverpool have every right to be where they are. Other fans can have a little bitch about decisions in certain games, but can’t we all? I’ve been nervous in pretty much every Champions League game this season and Jurgen Klopp and his players have just demolished everything put in front of them!

Even 5-0 up against Porto my arse was still twitching. Never mind City and Roma. I had nothing to worry about, Jurgen had it all in hand.


We drew City in the in the quarter finals and it’s the draw nobody wanted. City were romping the league and quite easily too. We as fans feared the worst, was our Champions League dream about to come to a heart-breaking end?


Nah, the City games epitomise everything this Liverpool side is about. Aggression, pace, penetration and no fucking fear.


City threw everything at us and we just weren’t having it. Ok that’s a lie, I can confirm there were a few moments during the second leg when we were having itâ?¦.but the linesman wasn’t. Unlucky. As soon as Salah scored everybody in that stadium knew it was tie over.


In all of these games this Liverpool side have shown different qualities in their game. We can take the game to teams, absolutely destroy them, hit teams on the counter, defend when we need too (most of the time) and most importantly of all we’re happy to keep the ball when we need too, pass, probe and penetrate when the time is right, physically and mentally breaking teams down.


Karius has gained confidence, van Dijk has dominated his back line, Andrew Robertson has gone from relegation to a Champions League Final in the space of a year, chucking players on the floor in the process, Jimmy Milner shows the experience, composure and maturity of a fucking winner and Salah continues to dazzle defences.


I could go on, every one of those Liverpool players brings something to the team and each and every one of them gives 100%. Jurgen doesn’t accept anything else.


As mentioned, Madrid are the favourites, but fuck em we are Liverpool, we are European royalty too. We have to believe otherwise what’s the fucking point.


Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool have made me dream. And they’ve made me proud.


Wherever you are watching it, enjoy it. Soak up the atmosphere, revel in the build-up, cherish the moments with your family, mates, whoever.






Ross @rossic89


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