“A well sourced story…” – Neil Jones gives his thoughts on Liverpool-related transfer news

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Earlier this week, it was reported, by John Cross in The Mirror, that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain fears that he may have to leave Liverpool as he wants to play regularly.
Chamberlain has found game time hard to come by in recent weeks and having been fit for a long period of time, his absence from the team isn’t injury related.
Given the connections that both John Cross and Oxlade-Chamberlain have with Arsenal, it’s easy to guess where this story may have come from.
To get more information on the article and Chamberlain’s future, we spoke to Neil Jones on Journo Insight Extra.
He said: 
“It’ll be a well sourced story, just the way it’s written and the way it’s presented tells you a lot about the story and that’s not a negative thing against the author or the subject.
He’ll have a year left [on his contract] at the end of this season so Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is in a position where something  needs to move. He either needs to become a Liverpool player who plays a lot and he gets a new contract or he needs to consider his options.”

Redmen Reacts

It does look like we are now at the beginning of the end of Oxlade-Chamberlain’s Liverpool career, if truth be told. Given how low he is in the pecking order of Liverpool midfielders, it would make sense for all parties if he did move on, but not until the summer.

At the age of 28, he’ll rightly want to give himself an opportunity to play regularly and it will be the last chance for Liverpool to get some money for him as he’ll be out of contract in the summer of 2023.
As Neil referenced, this story hasn’t come from nowhere and it looks like a piece designed to alert clubs and agents to Chamberlain’s future availability.

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