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AFC Fylde Disband Women’s Team FC Fylde. 

FC Fylde Women have been disbanded because of ongoing uncertainty over the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic on women’s football.

A club statement read “We wholeheartedly understand and accept this is not the news anyone wanted to give, or to receive,” Fylde chief executive Jonty Castle said.

“The Women’s team, led by manager Conrad Prendergast, has been a credit to the football club and the local area. However, due to the current and ongoing fluid situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, the chairman has had to take the tough decision to disband the women’s team in its current format.

“We have spoken with Conrad and he is aware of the plans we have put in place, and we thank him for his understanding at this difficult and uncertain time.

Ladies finish on a high! | AFC Fylde

“We wholeheartedly understand and accept this is not the news anyone wanted to give or to receive , and everyone at the club would like to offer our best wishes to all current players and staff for their future careers.

“Everyone at the club would like to offer our best wishes to all current players and staff for their future careers.”

They were sitting ninth in the FA Women’s National League Northern Premier Division when games were suspended and the 2019-20 season eventually declared null and void. The news come just a month after the club said it was wholeheartedly committed to the Women’s team.


Reading Becomes First Women’s Super League Club To Furlough players. 

Reading became the first Women’s Super League club to furlough players this week.

The club will pay the remaining 20% of players’ salaries and the squad were informed last week. Several clubs in the Women’s Championship have already furloughed players, while non-playing staff at some WSL clubs have also been placed on the scheme or taken wage cuts.

Meanwhile Chelsea said in a statement that they will not be taking advantage of the government’s job retention scheme and had not planned any general redundancies or furloughs for full-time staff – who will continue to be paid at 100 per cent.

“We are continuing our current level of financial and other support to our professional women players and also to our women’s academy programmes,” the statement continued.


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Vivianne Miedema Fears For Women’s Football. 

Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema fears the progress of the Women’s game could be undone following the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

On the week that AFC Fylde saw their Women’s team disbanded it is feared that they are the first of many that could find themselves in that situation.

The women’s game will probably struggle after this,” Miedema said speaking to BBC Sport.

“We’re quite lucky that we are at a club like Arsenal, which is a massive club, but I think that the growth the women’s game has had in the last couple of years will become a very difficult situation because a lot of clubs and Uefa and Fifa are missing out on a lot of money.

“I think if clubs need to cut anything, they will cut women’s football which is obviously for me not the right decision to make as a club.”

The Times' awards: Vivianne Miedema a revelation for Arsenal – and ...

If the season is to get back underway Miedema has suggested that players are given an opportunity to get back to match sharpness before returning to the pitch.

Speaking about the Dutch league being cancelled the Netherlands record female goalscorer explained” I think right now Holland is a bit further ahead than we are in the UK and the money that goes around in football, in Holland it’s not comparable with what is in England.

“If that’s the safest option [to cancel the league] for us players and for everyone around us then it’s probably an opportunity to just cancel the league and start again next year.”

Speaking about the situation of European places and winning titles without finishing the campaign Miedema explained following the Dutch FA’s (KNVB) decision to place Ajax and AZ Alkmaar in the Champions league and PSV and Ajax in the UEFA Women’s Champions League for the 2020/21 season.

However no champion will be declared in the Eredivisie “I’m not really sure if the FA is thinking about doing it that way, especially on the men’s side with Liverpool miles ahead of Manchester City,” Miedema added.

“If they are going to crown a champion, I think it would be really hard on Chelsea in our league with them having a game played less than City, but that’s just something that I think in this situation we have to accept and move on from.”


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