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MIND BLOWN What in utter fuckery was that all about?! I am tempted not to get carried away but sod it, I’m a football fan and a Liverpool fan and I’m absolutely buzzing to have the footy back. Last night was brilliant. As always there are different sides to an argument. Some people, like me were perplexed by Alberto Moreno’s performance last night and others think that Bayern were poor and made him look good. I disagree, OK Bayern were poor but because we made them look poor, in their own back yard. You could see the frustration in the players who ended up kicking seven shades of shit out of Mane and others as they didn’t really offer any other options. You can’t tell me Bayern went into that game thinking it would be a breeze or that they took the foot off the gas as they are playing Dortmund this weekend. Back to Moreno. I will hold my hands up, I have slated Moreno several times over the past year and quite rightly so. His performances have been bang average to say the least. I thought I understood football, but this summer has completely shafted my brain. I know nothing about transfers anymore, I know nothing about line ups and now I know nothing about Alberto Moreno. I didn’t think he would even play never mind produce a performance like that. And at some point last night he was the top trend on Twitter, so I hope I am not alone on this argument. Of course I am fully aware of the bigger picture and that this could be a blip and that consistency is a major issue. But last night was like Space Jam but backwards! Who gave him that ability? Who gave him that confidence? Who gave him the idea to track back and intercept?! Are we beginning to see Klopp work his magic? He could have been working on Moreno all this time. Much like the emergence of Wooodburn, Kent, Trent and Gomez who have all vastly improved is Moreno a player to add to that list? We have already seen a bid rejected from Napoli this summer for the left-back. He could feature in Klopp’s plans. I just don’t know. So many questions so little answers. Depth was a major issue for Liverpool last year and we have already seen the size of our squad this year and more importantly the quality within that. Moreno could quite possibly be part of that. Granted not first choice but with so many games it is always nice to have options. Again I know it was only one game and there is more time to see how, where and if he will play again but you have to give credit where it is due. I, like most Liverpool fans have been significantly encouraged by what we have seen so far this preseason. At the end of the day he is a Liverpool player, we should support him and we should support what Klopp does.   Ross Chandley
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