Alisson Outstanding! | Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool | Player Ratings

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Ross – @rossic89

Bloody hell, are you ok? Seriously, are you ok? 

What on earth was that?! I don’t know how I feel. I’m off my face on Smarties and adrenaline. 

End to end stuff. Good start, terrible in the middle, wild end. Wild.

Can’t say we weren’t entertained there though, right? And at the end of the day that’s three huge points in the group stage and could and should make things easier in and around those final three games.  

Some real mixed performances from Liverpool tonight and I suppose to some extent as much as we might not like them or their style of play you have to give Atleti credit. 

But give Liverpool more for winning against a such tough side in a tough environment. 

Remember these are just opinions. Don’t worry about it. Make your own minds up. My thoughts don’t mean anything.

Alisson – 9

You know what, it could be 10. Yes he conceded two but it could have more and the game could have got away from us if it wasn’t for the beautiful Brazilian and his wonderful shot stopping. 

Trent – 6

Instrumental going forward and to be fair, not that bad at the back. He won most of his ground duels. Not one of them games where he could get forward as much as he’d liked. I think he lacked support from the midfield as well tbh.

van Dijk – 7.5

Boss as usual. Maybe could be a little critical for the Griezmann goal and not head passing to himself in this game. 

Matip – 7.5

Honestly, I love this guy. He’s putting all those injury concerns to bed and every time he plays, he’s outstanding. 

Robbo – 6

Similar to Trent in that he couldn’t get forward as much as he would have liked, despite that he still finds himself with an assist. 

Hendo – 6

Mental first half, much better in the second when playing further forward. We just didn’t have the stability and support around him and Atletico took control. 



Milner – 6

Mixed one from Milner too. Some really important and tough challenges but we totally lost that midfield battle after the first fifteen minutes or so. Picked up a yellow card. Obviously.

Keita – 5/6

Really can’t decide what to give him. Positive start; attacking, intense & great pressing. And my word, let’s not take that goal away from him. However, defensively, poor. Very poor. Came off at HT. 

Mané – 6

One shot on target and only 24 touches in the game before being subbed just after the hour mark. Not his best night if we’re being honest. That’s ok Sadio, tear it up on Sunday. 

Bobby – 7

Struggled to get involved in the game in parts. Got kicked in the head. However, he worked incredibly hard; pressed like a monster and made life difficult for Atleti.

Salah – 9

I adore him Absolutely adore him. The first goal is his. Well last time I checked it was. To have the composure, the balls, the mental stability to take that penalty, in those circumstances, in that environment should not go underestimated.

Fabinho – 7.5

Should have started imo. But you know what, it worked out in the end. Provided that crucial platform and balance into the midfield that was much needed. 

Ox – 6.5

I liked his short cameo tonight. Provided lots of energy which was required and made a crucial interception late on.


Jota – 6

Came on, gave away a pen. It wasn’t a pen. Fin.

Gomez – N/A

Played minutes. 

Williams – N/A

Played minutes. 

Ross – @rossic89

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