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Ross – @rossic89

Been put through all the emotions this week haven’t we. Think I’ve aged abar five years. Hard to watch at times today if I’m being honest. Some sloppy defending at times and all over the place for their goal. Two needless free kicks given away and they the high-line was exposed. Unlucky it went through Alissons’ legs too.

Created loads. Fucking loads. But just weren’t clinical enough. Except for the offside goal, that wasn’t offside. But was given offside. Who knew you could score with your armpit…..oh wait Martin Atkinson was on VAR duties.

Thought it was going to be one of them. The one were we lose. Why do I keep thinking like this, our players clearly don’t.

Anyway still six clear with Fabinho available for Man City.

Remember these our just opinion. One person’s 5 is another person’s 7. You get the gist. Don’t be offended. Open for debate and opinion! Let me know your ratings below!

Alisson – 7

As mentioned pretty unlucky for the goal but not much to do besides that. Came off his line plenty of times and his distribution spot on as always.

Trent – 8

The source of creativity once again, tireless going forward and defending today. Was forced to cross from deep again but still caused problems. Made some crucial interceptions at the back too. Points for an assist though!

Lovren  – 7

I don’t have a Lovren agenda. He wasn’t great but I don’t think he was shite either. Clearly targeted by Villa and Wesley in particular. Won 7 out of 11 aerial duels too.

van Dijk – 7.5

Not up to his usual standards. Which is still good, lets be honest. Had a few moments where he looked in trouble but managed to find his way out. Long balls sprayed wide to Trent and up to Sadio, just nothing came of it. Not entirely sure why he was booked either.

Robbo – 8

Relentless Robbo!! Extra points of his goal! Leapt like prime Scottish Salmon he did! Never say die attitude and fitness off the scale. Probably has one of the hardest jobs along with Trent. Desire not to be written off cannot be underestimated.

Lallana – 6

Look. He’s not Fabinho. But who is? Besides Fabinho. Midfield was overrun in the first half but got better in the second. Won 7 out of 9 duels and made three key passes. A huge risk to play him in my opinion. Thank fuck it paid off.


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Gini – 5

One of those for Gini. Just felt like he was hardly in the game. All for work ethic which he has in abundance but it was one of those games which was crying out for something else.Which is probably why he came off.

Hendo – 6

Don’t think any of our midfield covered themselves in glory today. Nearly sold Alisson short in the first half – must have watched the Arsenal game in midweek. Not much else to report.

Salah – 5

Really poor. Not helped by supply today but still there were times his touch was off, decision making wasn’t right and he resorted to just twatting it. Short of confidence? Or just frustration? I don’t know.

Bobby – 6

I mean the fella scored a legitimate goal. What the fuck is that all about? An Armpit offside, by centimetres? Fuck off. What a load of fucking shite. Off the boil for me besides that. Some good link up play when he drops deep but Villa defending was resolute today.

Mané – 9

Probably shouldn’t be a 9 but fuck it. The fella got an assist. Well two actually if you count the Bobby goal. And then he made all our weekends by scoring in the dying seconds. He’s just unbelievable. Lost for words on him. Never give up.


Origi – 6

Got involved and wanted him to pop up with a winner but got himself in the mix and playing with loads of confidence at the moment.

Ox – 7

Bloody hell. How many shots did he have there?? Came on and had an immediate effect on the game. Created and made himself a threat, driving at the Villa back line. HAS to start the next game for me.

Baby Keith – N/A

Played about ten mins. Just glad he’s not injured tbh.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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