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Ross – @rossic89

Well where did that performance come from? I said at half time that was the most enjoyable game I’ve watched in a while, I expected it to get harder in the second half. Nah not for this side.

A complete performance. Two young CB’s, no Van Dijk, no Fabinho, no Firmino and possibly the hardest fixture in the group and we pissed it.

A clean sheet, goals for Mane and Salah. 3 for Jota. A nice bit of rotation and confidence will be through the roof!

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 9

Beautiful bearded Brazilian bastard. Six huge saves tonight, one or two might have been smash straight at him but who is arsed? Not me. Got that fucking bored he fumbled one in the first half just to make his night interesting. I wish he’d hold me like he cradles that ball.

Trent – 10

Another assist tonight for Trent, obviously. Stuck it on a plate for Jota. Passing all night was just a delight to watch, as it always it. Did his defensive duties too, most notably was covering and getting in a crucial block, was offside like, but still.

Gomez – 10

Superb all round performance from Gomez, a quality ball over the top to Jota for his second and a defensive display he will be proud of! Won all three of his aerial duals, was composed and guided a young Willams through the game.

Williams – 9

19 years old and winning 5-0 away in the Champions League. Incredible. The highlight of my Tuesday night at 19 was getting the 10 minute freeview on Babestation. Always looked composed, assured and confident in everything he did tonight. Class.

Robbo – 9

Great to see a bit more of Robbo tonight, in fact, everyone. Bags of space for him to run in, was allowed to do the little give and go’s AND still covered the defensive line. Good to see him get some sort of rest too.

Hendo – 9

Big fan of Hendo barking demands at everyone throughout the whole game. Even at 3,4 and 5 nil up. The authority, professionalism, the awareness is incredible. Dictated play start to finish, harried the opposition and he’s probably still giving orders as we speak!



Gini – 9

Hahaha that tackle in the first half, nearly went for a pure piggy back on Gomez. Their Gomez, not ours. Completed all his dribbles, won most of his duels and gave they level of protection to cut out counters, slow the pace of Atalanta to buy time for teammates and made the forward runs to create space.

Jones – 10

What a win that was then. Always thinking on the front foot, summed up with his assist for Mo. Plays with such swagger, desire and backs it up with quality. Early booking didn’t phase him at all.

Mane – 10

Reckon him and Jota should offer their keeper some sauce to go with them chips they served him tonight. Piss taking mode. Relentless, unpredictable and pretty much unstoppable. Not content with a goal, his pass for Jota was perfect!

Salah – 10

Love to see what Tony Cascarino will pull out of his arse this week. I’ve had a go at a bullshit headline for him anyway. Mo was sensational, a goal and an assist and lets be honest it could have been more, for all of them. Got bored and tired to lob the keeper.

Jota – 11

Not sure I’ve given someone an 11 before. What else could I give? Not sure which goal was my favourite. All I know is my pants were off after the second. He could have had one earlier too, decided to wait a little bit. Chip delightful, one touch, half volley, BANG and then as if he hadn’t embarrassed the keeper enough he just nonchalantly rounds him and sticks it into an open net.

Highlights on PornHub.



Bobby – 7

Was dying for him to get in on the act but some selfish defender decided to block his shot. He will come good.

Keita – 7

A crucial 25 minutes under his belt, the game was done by the time these lads came on.

Milner – 7

Usual standard of Milner. Composed passing, grit and determination.

N Williams – N/A

Hardly played.

Tsimikas – N/A

Played about 8 mins. Good to see his alive.

Ross – @rossic89

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