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Chris, Adam, James and Georgia run through last nights game at the Wanda Stadium where Liverpool got beat 1-0 by Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16.



  • We expected a tough game and we got it. It was literally the worst possible start we could have hoped for
  • We conceded a throw in when it came off Morata then conceded a corner and then goal. 
  • The referee was atrocious. So many bad decisions throughout. 
  • Atletico channeled their inner Voldemort.Time wasting and diving throughout. 
  • Morata nearly made it two after a poor VVD header.
  • Massive opportunity for us at the other end straight after with the keeper gifting the ball to Salah whose first touch was worse than mine. 
  • Gotta be honest, I love watching Atletico Madrid. They are absolutely the best at what they do. So disciplined, so focussed, so in tune with their crowd and manager. 0 shots on target. 
  • I make that our lowest xG since United last February. 0.47 ro .72 for Atletico
  • Salah had our two best chances either side of half time.  
  • Big change at half time as Mane is brought off cos he’s on a yellow. Origi on. Thoughts?
  • Ox for Salah who was equally one of our best and worst palyers on the night. 
  • Hendo nearly scored. Would have been some skill to get that in.
  • 27 crosses in the match. Trent 12/4 Robbo 5/1 – did we get our tactics right?
  • Hendo felt his hammy. Time for someone else to step up? 
  • Loads of presser reactions. First off, VVD and Robbo being labelled as salty????
  • Klopp called for Anfield to be the 12th man. 
  • Social Media. Fucking hell. You’d think we’d been knocked out. 
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