Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool | Things We Learned

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Liverpool suffers a one-nil defeat away from home in the first leg of the round of 16 against Atletico Madrid.

Only 45 Minutes Gone 

Although it is not nice to walk away with a defeat there is still the second leg at Anfield to look forward to which will hopefully have a better outcome than this one. A very frustrating game of football to watch as a Liverpool fan and I’m sure as a neutral too.

You could see Atletico’s game plan from the beginning, they came out all guns blazing and put us under pressure right from the start. A lucky deflection off of Fabinho meant they took the lead early but for the remaining 85 minutes, it was eleven men behind the ball. Normally we can break those teams down but the Atletico players were that tight to our forward line at time that we couldn’t even move at some points.

With eleven men behind the ball, it allowed them to have a few opportunities on the break but none that they could convert. Alvaro Morata should have slotted his chance home in the second half but he couldn’t even stay on his feet!

Some of the officiating tonight was dreadful too and really set the tempo for the game. As soon as one Madrid player went down and got the foul then all match they were looking for that from the referee and he gave them it.


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Frustrating Performances 

I hate to sit here and type about player’s individual performances because everyone has been impeccable this season so far but this evening there were a couple of players who had poor moments. Trent Alexander-Arnold is probably the one player you would want on the right-hand side swinging crosses in or taking our corners and trying to find the big men in the box but he couldn’t hit an ice cream van if it was parked in front of him this evening which was very very odd to see but also very frustrating. I adore trent and think he is incredible so don’t take that comment the wrong way, it just didn;t work out for him tonight.

I think we should have brought Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on at half-time instead of Divock Origi as I think Divock couldn’t really get into the motion of the game and struggled to really create anything. Ox offers you a better passing range I think and I expected him to come on for Gini as he excels a lot more from midfield but Mo Salah got taken off leaving him on the wing and not many chances to have a pop at goal.

Frustrating night for all our players but no time to dwell on things as like I said earlier om, we’ve still got another game to go!

West Ham Up Next 

Focus back on the Premier League now as we face West Ham at home on Monday evening. Looking forward to getting back to Anfield after what seems like forever and continuing to put more points on the board in the hunt for the title.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Lauren – @Lauren_Black9 

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