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Not really sure what to say or think about that really. Solid effort for the lads ultimately undone by quality, a bit of bad luck and a fucking unreal free kick from arguably the best player of all time.

Trying not to be too downbeat or to slate anyone here, it was frustrating and we had opportunities in abundance. The scoreline is harsher than the performance and there’s still another leg to go. And a large mountain to climb.

Alisson – 6.5

Pfft. He’s been solid all season and he just got absolutely shafted by an absurd free kick from Messi. Quality finish from Suarez on the first and then he’s so unlucky for the second. Not sure Inspector Gadget saves that free kick tbh.

Gomez – 6

Felt sorry for Joe, Alba was often the overlap and we just couldn’t cope. He’s not as offensive as Trent which invited pressure. He wasn’t shite but sometimes you just have to credit the quality of the opponent.

Matip – 8

Joel again was fucking superb, not fazed by Suarez, Messi and the rest of the Barca brigade. Nice and aggressive and some excellent recoveries. No problems for me.

Virgil – 7

If I’m being hypercritical he could have given Joel a shout for the Suarez goal but I come back to the quality of the opposition. I’m still stunned if I’m being honest. Sprayed some lovely balls out to Mo and Mane and just unlucky so concede so many.

Robbo – 7.5

Far better attacking option down that left hand side, pinned Sergi Roberto back and supported Mané when needed and a helpful supply line, just lacked a final ball.

Baby Keith – 6

Got a sore bollock and went off in the first half. Hope he’s ok.

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Fabinho – 7

For large parts of that game I thought he was fucking boss. Looking back that free kick was a bit needless but I’m not sure if I’m still fuming/upset from that result. We know Suarez and Messi will go down when they get the option, but you can’t afford to give them space either.

Milner – 7

Much like Fabinho I I thought Milly was decent, if only he was a bit more clinical, he could have and should have had at least on goal tonight. It’s a game of fine margins and we needed to take them.

Gini – 6

Listen, he wasn’t at his best, but he was out of position and that’s not really his fault. We can look back at it now and criticise but it wasn’t down to him. We still created and we still made them worry. We go again.

Salah – 7

I come back to fine margins and him twatting the post really didn’t help me so late on in the game, one goal would have made me feel so much better. We had chances and we really should have taken them.

Mane – 7.5

The better of our front 2/3, whatever it was. Full on shithousery, playing them at their own game and like a few others, he should have had a goal. A plus side of this result is that we still go in behind Barca. We need the persistence to do it again. And a small miracle.


Hendo – 7

A bit more defensive replacing Keita, Gomez needed help at various points and most of the time Jordan was there to mop up.

Bobby – 6

Not a bad rating for Bobby, he almost scored and he caused issues, he just wasn’t on long enough to warrant anything else.

Big Div – 5

Only on for a few minutes. .


Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!


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