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Where do I fucking start!!!

Alisson – 7

Didn’t have much to do again really. Huge fan of his calmness on the ball under pressure in such a big game, I was shitting it, this lads not arsed. He’s cooler than a thousand cucumbers in a freezer. Trust me, that’s a thing.

Trent – 7

Had a tough time against Ribery but kept plugging away, never gave up and fought for everything. Into the quarters.

Matip – 8.5

Was fucking boss until the ‘Own Joel’. After that he was still boss. Put Lewandowski on his arse several times! Not bad for a 4th choice centre back. Into the quarters.

Virgil – 10

I don’t care that we conceded. This guy gets a fucking ten. Give him a life time contract, give him the arm band, give him the key to the city, give him whatever the fuck he wants. I love him. An assist and a goal from a centre back!! Into the quarters.

Robbo – 7

At fault for the goal. But he was up against tough opposition and still worked tirelessly on the attack too! Into the next round!!

Hendo – 5

Not really worth a mention. Didn’t play enough.

Fabinho – 8

Bit sloppy in parts. But you know what I’m high after that. Still broke down play, still through in a tackle and is still into the next round. Should have started imo.

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Gini – 8

Thought he’d be knackered for this game but he grafted his bollocks off yet again! Important interceptions, crucial tackles and a beautiful smile. Into the quarters.

Milner  – 8

Grafter, unit, Ribena enthusiast, my fucking hero. Not the most attractive player, in every sense, but he has the experience, the mindset and the calmness in big games! Into the quarters.

Salah – 8

Didn’t score but he was still a threat! That pass for Mane’s second goal was just filthy. Highlight on PornHub later. Into the quarters.

Mane – 10

I’d give him an 11 after that goal. It changed the game and he had no fucking right to do that. Beautiful touch, sick turn and an audacious chip to put Neuer on his arse!! Into the quarters.

Bobby – 8

Won’t get the credit like Mane and Mo. But again I’m on cloud nine and I love Bobby so he gets an 8. Into the quarters.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!

Ross – @rossic89

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