Bayern Munich vs Liverpool | Things We Learned

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Liverpool are through to the quarter-finals after beating Bayern Munich 3-1 away from home!


What a run of form this guy is on!

He is 100% our best player at the minute, everything he touches seems to turn to gold and he was absolutely brilliant for us tonight. His first goal is excellent, the confidence he has to take that down, spin Manuel Neuer and then chip it over the defenders is great, his second goal is brilliant too, the outside of the foot cross  from Salah is lovely and of course Mane was at the end of that and he would definitely be my man of the match tonight.

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Big Virg!

Bailey called it!

Every time we get a corner all me and my dad scream at the TV is come on one of you big galoots and sometimes it works and it did tonight because who else but Virgil Van Dijk to head one home and put us all at ease when the nerves are really kicking in.

A real leader in our side and he was a big miss in the first leg of this game and it was lovely to see him back on the European stage and continue on his goal streak.

Robbo Suspension

Looks like Alberto Moreno is playing in the Quarter-finals then.

He went 91 minutes without getting booked and then lets himself down at the end. But in all fairness, it’s not that big of a deal and we can cope without him for one game.

Into The Next Round

Who do we fancy then?

I’d quite like to draw Ajax just so I can go to Amsterdam for a few days but I feel like their becoming a real powerhouse again and would to see them play in their stadium. Porto are also a good option for us but no doubt we end up drawing Man City or Man United because that would be just our look!

Everyone is beatable though and you can only play the team in front of you, whoever we get we just have to go there and give it our all!

Up the Reds!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Article by @Lauren_Black9

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