Bets to Look for with Liverpool in The Premier League 2023/24 Season

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The English Premier League is easily one of the world’s biggest and most popular football leagues. There are plenty of reasons for the event’s success. For example, it is the stomping ground of some of the most beloved clubs around the globe. One such club would have to be Liverpool.

Liverpool – the Club

The Reds, as they are so often called by fans and detractors alike, have been around for over 130 years. During their time, they’ve easily become one of football’s biggest clubs and certainly among England’s most successful teams. They’ve won 19 league titles, eight Football Association Cups, and a record of nine League Cups.

The Reds are also quite successful internationally, winning many awards and honors at international tournaments. Bookies consistently regard them as one of the favorites to win the Premier League each season. And the 2022/23 season is no different.

Liverpool consistently draws punters to their games. Online bookies like Betnow cover the games with extreme care, as this Betnow review will show. But what are some bets to look forward to for Liverpool during the current season? That is what we are here to discuss!

Liverpool vs Manchester City

On November 25, the Reds will be facing off against Manchester City. The Citizens have earned quite a good reputation in the Premier League, especially in the past few years. They’ve been dominating the league and have won the title three years in a row. Should they manage to do so again, they will go down in English football history as the first club to get four league titles in a row.

The only thing standing in their way is Liverpool. Undoubtedly, one of Liverpool’s most anticipated matchups this season is the game against Manchester City. The two clubs hold the top two rankings in the Premier League, making this one of the most anticipated matches. Punters are waiting with bated breath to see if their preferred club will take the win.

However, what if you aren’t interested in individual matches but rather betting odds in general? What are your options in that scenario?

Futures Bets

Anyone familiar with sports betting will know about future bets. As the name suggests, a future bet is a long-term wager. For example, Liverpool will get top place in the 2023/24 season. But how likely is that?

As things stand now, Liverpool is ranked second. They’ve played 12 games, eight of which they’ve won and only one of which they’ve lost, with the remaining three being draws. All in all, they’ve accumulated 27 points. How far are they from the number one spot?

Well, Manchester City currently holds the number 1 rank. They’ve played 12 games, won 9, lost two, and tied in one. All in all, they have accumulated 28 points, meaning they are only barely beating Liverpool. Could the Reds overcome the Citizens? It is entirely possible.

The odds suggest that Liverpool will end up in the top 3, if not the top 2. Their chances of winning the Premier League are quite high as well. According to most experts, Manchester City is the current favorite.

Prop Bets

In modern football betting, propositions, or prop bets, have become more popular. For those who don’t know, prop bets involve betting on certain propositions the sports book may have set up. For example, “Who will score the most goals during this match.”

Prop bets can be an exciting new way to wager on football. However, remember that it requires quite a bit of research. For example, if we are betting on the player scoring the most goals for Liverpool, we must keep past track records in mind.

However, as line-ups change, not all players who wore the Reds’ colors in 2023 have stuck around for this season, which is another thing to consider. Based on the statistics as they are now, Mohamad Salah is Liverpool’s top goalscorer in the 2023/24 season. He is likelier to score the most goals during a game.


How is Liverpool fairing in the 2023/24 Premier League?

Liverpool are doing just fine. They are currently ranked second, behind only Manchester City. However, the difference is not very high, and the Reds might just overtake City for the number 1 spot.

Does Liverpool stand a chance of winning the Premier League?

They do. As we said, they are currently ranked second. However, the difference could be better, and they could overwhelm Manchester City on November 25.

What is the most anticipated upcoming Liverpool match?

It is probably the 25 November match against Manchester City. It could decide the faith of both of these clubs in the premier league moving forward.

What are the best bet options for Liverpool right now?

There are plenty of choices here. From prop bets to futures and even live betting. All of these could yield good results.

Is betting on Liverpool online an option?

Yes, Betnow is an excellent sportsbook for English punters. However, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

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