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Ross – @rossic89

I can’t decide if that was poor, exciting, entertaining, frustrating, wasteful or all of that. Proper end to end stuff there. 

If we’re being honest, that was terrible from us. Defensively all over the gaff and wasteful in front of goal. If that had finished 6-6 I don’t think any of us would be shocked. I feel like when Fabinho has a poor game we just fall apart. 

Credit to Brentford though, as much as some of you may not want to. We all laughed at Arsenal, me included. But they have shown once again they aren’t afraid to go toe to toe in the Premier League. Guess we have to hope they play like that when they face Chelsea and Man City. 

Probably an equal measure of positives and negatives to take there. Quality goal from Curtis Jones, Salah broke another record and we’re a point clear at the top of the table.

However, with that defensive line up and Fab in the middle of the park I was expecting a lot better. 

Remember these are just opinions. Don’t worry about it. Make your own minds up. My thoughts don’t mean anything.

Alisson – 5

I mean he conceded 3 goals so can’t expect anything higher than a five. But given the shambles in front of him maybe a five is fair. 

Trent – 5

Brentford absolutely overloaded that side and found success in doing so. Trent lost possession 29 times in that game which is just far too many times for anyones liking. 

van Dijk – 5

Don’t think anyone covered themselves in glory in the back line to be honest and I’m shocked I’m giving Virg such a low rating. Did well late on to deny Toney but that was only going to stop it being 4-3 which maybe I should be grateful for. 

Matip – 5

He may have made a superb goal line clearance in the game and several other key blocks but as I’m sure you are aware that was a defensive shambles from Liverpool today. 

Robbo – 5

Lots of people calling for Tsimikas at various points during that game and it’s clear to see why. Besides that wild run in the first half in which he took on half the Brentford team it wasn’t a great night for Robbo.

Fabinho – 6

Out of sorts by his mammoth standards. Liverpool games can be won and lost in the midfield and we just looked totally overrun at times. To be fair to him, that was a hell of a ball to assist Mo to make it 2-1.

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Henderson – 6

One assist and three key passes during that game. A lovely ball placed onto the head of Diogo Jota to make it 1-1 and plenty of other moments he caused problems for Brentford. Equally, in the right place at the right time to defend. 

Jones – 6

Had a few bright sparks in the middle of the park first half but was also a bit sloppy for the first goal. I think he redeemed himself by channeling his inner Phil Coutinho to absolutely leather it into the goal. Shame it wasn’t the winner tbh.

Mané – 5

Says a lot when Sadio played 90 minutes and has one shot on goal. Which was off target. I’m not on the ‘Sadio is done’ brigade but I in no way can defend that performance. Passing, touch and overall game play just not good enough today. If you want to argue he deserves less than a five then be my guest. 

Jota – 6

DIOGOAL is his name for a reason. Well, kind of. He probably scored the hardest chance that he had there. 

Salah – 7

Listen, 7 might be a little high for some of you and that’s fine. But in a world of pain I think this man still deserves credit for breaking another record. Yes, he should have scored more and put the game to bed but don’t for one second under appreciate this man and what he has done for this club. 

Bobby – 5

I mean. He made a positive impact but he should really have a goal. 

Ross – @rossic89


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