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Credit to Brentford

Listen, we never really want to give credit to the opposition but I think in this case we should really. That doesn’t mean you can’t be annoyed with Liverpool and how we played. They can both exist. Defensively we were a shambles, I get that. I’m not here to defend that performance. But I can credit Thomas Frank and his side.

Brentford gave everything, we know little about them in terms of how they can perform in the Premier League. Ok, we laughed at Arsenal but I tell you what the way they played today; the drive, determination, hunger, quality and endeavour deserves credit in my opinion. 

They’ve a great ethos, community, clear target and more importantly synergy between the manager, players, fans and board. 

You could argue they weren’t great defensively either, they conceded three goals and needed heroics at various points. Heroics that ironically we could have done with.

I think they will continue to cause teams issues, they aren’t like Leeds where they leave spaces all over the gaff, they work bloody hard, they are a unit and they’ve earned my upmost respect tonight. 

Top of the league

You might not want to hear it, it might not feel like it but we are top of the league after six games going into a huge one next Sunday. We’ve not been at our best for most of them I’d say but we’ve got plenty of decent results. 

Again, it might not feel like it so soon after a draw which somehow feels like a defeat. Maybe being 3 points clear tonight would been better, well actually, there’s no maybe about it. Luckily the way football works means that there will soon be another game in which we can put this behind us. If we can beat Man City heading into an international break then we won’t think about this game again. 

Where is hurts is seeing other results from today. Chelsea dropped points, Man United lost, and how we laughed. These games can happen, but look where we are in the league. That’s all that matters come the end of the season.

Mo Salah

Be daft not to have a look at this man after that game. Was it his best game? No probably not. Could he have been more clinical? Sure. Has he broken yet another record? Absolutely. 

The levels in which this man can perform, not just because he’s a oNe SeAsOn WoNdEr but because he’s an absolute machine. The supply and midfield wasn’t great in his defence either, we didn’t control the game but he still produces. I adore him. 

His achievement shouldn’t be overlooked because we were a bit crap.


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